Sunday School Fall Kick Off

At Fall Kick Off, KidsQuest families came back from a relaxing summer for the first Sunday School of the year. If you’re like us, Day Camp songs have been hummed through your house since June. At Fall Kick Off, the Day Camp Band paid us a special visit to sing together, and we even had an appearance from KidsQuest’s favorite superheroes, the Avengers! Captain America was too busy saving people to visit us, but Superman, Iron Man, and Thor sang with Sunday School and sent them off on their Sunday School mission for the year – to learn together, and to have fun!

At Sunday School, join us as we learn God’s Word in a new way each week. Each Sunday, your class will “rotate” through storytelling, art, cooking, movies, games, and science experiments as we learn stories from the Bible.

Ages 3 – 4th grade
Sun 9:45-10:45am

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With 31 teenagers and 7 leaders, our Youth Group OnMission team served the South Elgin community. 

“We are all hoping that we can accomplish what God has sent us hear (sic) to do, have a fun time, and spread the word about Christ.”  -Josh V.

“Even through all the hard work and sweat we put into these mission trips, It is 100% worth it.”  -Trinity F.

“I thought it was cool how people even skipped lunch and worked later than they had to just to get more work done. This would be a type of trip that I would do again.”  Michelle H. 

“During this trip I learned a lot about God and about his love. I grew in my relationship with [Him] so much. Everyone that came on the trip worked really hard and we got most of the stuff done.”   -Jeremy H.


Our students learned what it means to trust God in real time, and how easy it is to do great things this close to home. For more trip stories and student blog quotes, check out

Day Camp 2015 Highlights & Opening Sessions



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Gavin A

Gavin lives in Roselle, IL.

Celebrating Our Mom

Allison, Amy, & Abby reflect on their mom’s influence in their lives.

Grandmother-Daughter-Granddaughter, Alice, Therese, and Liz share their story about adoption.

Student’s Interview High School onMission Trip 2014

Matt interviews Jeremy and Arianna about their experiences serving in Chicago.

Day Camp 2014 Highlights

Day Camp 2014 Songs

One of the reasons we love Day Camp is that we have a live band.  The teens help us learn the motions to each song.  And then we sing and dance with all our energy…which is a lot!

Obeying the Big Ten

Big Airplane

Ten Commandment Boogie

Jesus Chant

Put God First & King of Kings


Lord I Lift Your Name on High

Pharaoh Pharaoh

One Way