A safe and welcoming place for 7th-12th grade students to develop friendships, be mentored, and discover Jesus.

A safe and welcoming place to hang out. Includes open-format (gym, coffeehouse, food, table-top games, and gathering event (group game, talk, conversations, music).
7th & 8th grade: 6:30-9:30 pm (must be picked up by 9:55pm)
9th-12th grade: 6:30-11:30 pm

YouthAlpha+March2014 - 9YG-coffeehouse-7Coffeehouse Winter 2014 - 01Coffeehouse_Jan20142

Weekly space to about learn God’s Word and how it changes us. Prayer, interactive worship experiences, and student-led teaching.
Sundays, 9:30ish-10:45am

Groups-Teens-Logos-smygSMYG_Jan20145SMYG_Jan20142BC-March2014 - 12

Students hanging out in youth leader & family homes discussing the Bible.
Offered fall, spring, and summer.

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Youth Alpha is a non-confrontational party to discover faith. Youth Alpha includes a meal, hang out time, and safe discussion about the Christian faith.

YouthAlpha2014_13Day Away '14 13YouthAlpha 2014 - 54Groups-Teens-Logos-Square-youthalpha

Helping incoming 7th and graduating 12th grade students make a natural transition through a fun social  group.

IMG_8966Bloomingdale Church Youth GroupBloomingdale Church Youth GroupCoffeehouse Thanksgiving201306

A mentoring initiative within the Bloomingdale Church community connecting 11-18 year old guys with Christian men and 11-18 year old girls with Christian women who will walk alongside them as they become mature confident adults.

Groups-Teens-Logos-tmpBloomingdale Church Youth Group1921191_10203264907007341_1160807342_oYouthAlpha2014_21

A semi-monthly serving project for our community alongside our peers, family or mentor.

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Supervised practical training for the onMission lifestyle

Winter Camp '14 2Winter Camp '14 3YouthAlpha2014_12YouthAlpha_Feb21 - 272

Giving students the needed change of pace in order to connect with Christ. onMission trips assist students in discerning what following Christ looks like.

Groups-Teens-Logos-Square-onmissiontripPhoto Oct 19, 7 48 14 PMIMG_8948IMG_8977

We believe that a teenager’s parent/guardian is the most important influence in their life and so want to do our best to encourage them.


It Takes a Team to Run Friday Night Coffeehouse

By Matt M on June 30, 2015

A vital part to any group that meets at Bloomingdale Church is the team that supports it.  At Friday Night Coffeehouse, we have a strong team of 16 adults.  Some adults work primarily with High School students, and others mostly with Junior High. Some of us are even crazy enough to stay until the 11:30pm closing time for virtually all of the weeks we are open.

But more than just what Coffeehouse leaders “do,” is their passion to serve. I recently heard a story of one of our newer volunteers, Rebecca. A close mentor of hers described to me how much she loves Friday. At her day job, she gets to invest in students. And then, she has the opportunity to come to Friday Night Coffeehouse and impact Junior High students.

Coffeehouse volunteers know that they are serving as models both in life and in faith. Each adult that serves strives to walk alongside students, to listen and encourage them, and provide guidance.

We are fortunate to lead and serve alongside such committed Christ following individuals. The results of what happens at Friday Night Coffeehouse are in many ways related to the effort and energy the whole team faithfully contributes each week.

onMission in South Elgin

By Daniel Riem on June 28, 2015


Every three years, we have a trip for 7-12th grade students, dedicated to assisting a local church or community in the Chicagoland area. On Jun 28-Jul 2, 2015 we are serving alongside Community Alliance Church in South Elgin, IL.  

Follow the student’s blog at: storiesof.us/soelgin2015

Our team will be putting on a Day Camp for children, Kindergarten-6th grade. Each morning our students will be leading kids in games, crafts, story-telling, skits, and songs. In the afternoon, students will be outside constructing a “jungle-gym” area, while others will be painting and touching-up walls within the church building. In the evening, we will gather as a group for worship, Bible study, and prayer to thank God for the day.

Students: Jake B., Stephanie B., Noah B., Andrew B., Jennifer B., Kayla C., Eric D., Paul D., Bella D., Trinity F., Matthew F., Mark F., Jeremy H., Michelle H., Luke J., Lacey J., Claire L., Heather M., Madeline O., Sebastian O., Grace P., Graham P., Jeremy P., Anthony R., Joshua R., Taylor S., Clarissa S., Joshua S., Emily T., Joshua V., Tim W.

Leaders: Nate & Anna Kugel, Danny Muñoz, Ed & Mary O., Sara G., Jocelyn F

Youth Summer’15 Community

By Daniel Riem on June 27, 2015

One of our youth ministry core values is to love our community.  Jesus explains, “You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. A second is equally important: Love your neighbor as yourself.” (Matthew 22:37-39)

At Friday Night Coffeehouse, Summer Bridge Groups, and Sunday Morning Youth Group, we love our community by participating in a safe and welcoming environment.

Additionally, we intentionally extend this “vibe” to our local community. This summer, we’re doing five “loving our community” events:

Day Camp [Jun 15-19]

Party in the Park [Fri Jun 19]

South Elgin onMission [Jun 28-Jul 2]: storiesof.us/southelgin2015
We will serve alongside Community Alliance Church in South Elgin, IL.  Our team will be putting on a Day Camp for children, Kindergarten-6th grade. Each morning our students will be leading kids in games, crafts, story-telling, skits, and songs. In the afternoon, students will be outside constructing a “jungle-gym” area, while others will be painting and touching-up walls within the church building. In the evening, we will gather as a group for worship, Bible study, and prayer to thank God for the day.

Feed My Starving Children [Wed Jul 22]: World hunger plagues much of the world. It’s astonishing to learn how little money a family lives on per day. At Feed My Starving Children, our small bit of time can help provide food for thousands of people. Feed My Starving Children provides a high energy environment where groups will put together meal packages to be shipped all across the globe. Sign up at storiesof.us/serve.

Alden Valley Nursing Home [Wed Aug 12]: The elderly are often a group that is forgotten, or that do not have many visitors. Their stories, life wisdom, and general charm are a joy to experience. We’ll get a chance to visit with these residents by talking with them, playing games, and by entering into their day-to-day lives. Sign up at storiesof.us/serve.

Here are some highlights from last summer:

  • Feed My Starving Children: We had 37 students, plus 9 adults attend this event. In our short amount of packing food for the hungry across the world, our students packed 68 boxes of food, which was able to feed almost 3,000 people. We came back to the church for a bonfire, filled up on s’mores, and ultimate frisbee.
  • Alden Valley Nursing Home:  Our 19 students jumped right in and learned that the residents of this community lived pretty normal lives. During our visit, the students escorted residents downstairs for ice cream, and then played bingo with them. Two of the highlights of the night were: 1) Seeing several of our students, who happen to be Filipino, hanging out with a Filipino resident. They even spoke Tegali with her. 2) Watching the students play bingo with the residents. Everybody got really “into” the game, which made it all the more exciting for the residents. To top things off, we took the students out for Oberweis ice cream to celebrate their hard work and love they extended to the residents.

Saying Goodbye (to Coffeehouse)

By Matt M on May 26, 2015

Christine and I will attend our last Friday Night Coffeehouse as Youth Community Outreach directors on June 5. This fact seems surreal and very much unfathomable.

We did the math. Over the past four years we have attended almost 200 Friday nights!

We have seen a lot of change occur during our time. In the beginning, Coffeehouse was an open hangout for high schoolers. Now, Coffeehouse includes junior high students.  It also has an organized gathering, while still holding the elements of a fun hangout.  Coffeehouse has always included a mix of students who are connected and disconnected from faith and church.

We’ve tried to be faithful to do the things that God asked us to do at Friday Night Coffeehouse. We worked hard to create an irresistible Friday Night experience in which all students feel safe and welcome. We have prayed for students not only to attend, but to think long and hard about God and following Jesus. And finally, we have done our best to promote a community posture in which we take care of each other.

The book of Joshua summarizes God’s work through His appointed people, “Not a single one of all the good promises the Lord had given to the family of Israel was left unfulfilled; everything he had spoken came true.  Coffeehouse is entering a new chapter. Under Danny Munoz’s leadership, we anticipate the “good promises” God will fulfill through his servant Danny. As we watch from a distance overseas we look forward to staying connected to many of the students and leaders, and hearing of what God is doing in the next season of Friday Night Coffeehouse.

As we transition, we take all the lessons we’ve learned, friendships we’ve made, mistakes we’ve committed, and memories we’ve shared to our new home. We believe we have left our mark on Friday Night Coffeehouse, and we look forward to doing the same in the work that is to come.