A safe and welcoming place for 7th-12th grade students to develop friendships, be mentored, and discover faith.

A safe and welcoming youth community center every Friday Night
7th & 8th grade: 6:30-9:30pm (picked up by 10pm)
9th-12th grade: 6:30-11pm (picked up by 11:30pm)

Do you want a place where you can hang out with your friends and meet kids from different schools? Are you into playing sports or playing board games? Do you just want a place to hang out on Friday night after a long week? If that sounds good, come to Friday Night Coffeehouse – a place where you will always be welcome,  can hang out with friends and make some new friends too.


Hang out, student-led worship and teaching
7th-12th grade
Sundays, 9:30ish-10:45am

What would it look like to attend a group in which is lead by students?  Listen to the teen band playing contemporary worship songs, the interactive Bible discussions, the active learning exercises.  Join us at Sunday Morning Youth Group, Sundays at 9:45 in the youth quad.


Students hanging out in family homes with the adult teen leaders, building friendships and discussing the Bible
7th-12th grade, age specific groups
Offered fall, spring, and summer

Need a chance to unwind and hang out with friends? Small groups are a loose hangout where we discuss the practical applications of the Bible together. Small Groups are  8-10 weeks in the spring and fall. Bridge Groups meet during the summer as a fun social group that helps teens make a natural transition.


Youth Alpha is a non-confrontational party to ask anything about life and faith
7th-12th grade
Fridays, 6:30-9:30pm

It’s a Friday night teen party. It’s free food. It’s new people to meet that don’t judge. It’s a chill space to to talk about life, faith, & God. It’s 7-12th grade. It’s Youth Alpha @264coffeehouse



Inspiring men and women to become relational mentors to local youth
One-year commitment, meet at least twice a month

“I like the mentoring program because I have someone I can go to and talk to about anything.” (Jay, mentee).  Details and sign up at mentor.bloomingdalechurch.org.

A semi-monthly serving project for our community alongside our peers, family or mentor

Supervised practical training for the onMission lifestyle
Second-semester 8th-12th grade students
Fall or Spring semester

Students who want to make the youth group even better for their peers sign up for a semester commitment of being a Student Intern. Under the leadership of one of the Youth Staff, attend bi-weekly meetings to plan and delegate tasks. Receive personal coaching in the faith journey.

Giving students the needed change of pace in order to connect with Christ. Retreats and trips assist students know what following Christ looks like
7th-12th grade
Winter Camp (February), TeamUp Retreat (August), DiscipleNow (November), onMission/Life (summer)

Sometimes it takes just getting away for a student to remove the distractions to notice God working in their lives. We offer quarterly retreats and onMission trips to give students the opportunity to take this time to serve God and get to know peers.

We believe that a teenager’s parent/guardian is the most important influence in their life and so want to do our best to encourage them.

“WHY?” – Youth Group Sundays

By Nate Kugel on January 3, 2017

A simple, common question of teens (and really every age group) is “WHY?”  Some may believe that only kids ask “why” in an attempt to learn about the world around them, but truthfully no matter how old you are, that question always remains. WHY? Why… everything!?

At Youth Group on Sundays (SMYG), teens are encouraged to ask this same question of each other and the Bible. The extreme claims that the Bible makes about our existence causes a lot of “why” questions.  We spend a half-hour each week (following a half-hour of songs and reflection time led by our students) dedicated to answering life’s “why’s” using the Bible as our guidebook to life.

Last week students wrote down some of their biggest, most pressing questions about life and the Christian faith and we are taking the next semester to answer as many as we can get to.

Do you know a teen who’s good at asking questions? Send them our way! Everyone is welcome. 

Sunday Morning Youth Group – 9:45-10:45am – Youth Quad Room

Christmas Break Update

Celebrating the birth of Jesus and creating family memories…It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Your family is invited to our Christmas Eve candlelight services on Sat Dec 24 at 6pm & 11pm. Nursery available at 6pm.  Children are invited to participate in the church service.

We are doing a different service on Christmas Day at 11am.  Children are invited to participate in the church service.

A special space to explore faith through story and free play.  Kids are invited at the halfway point of all weekend services

  • Saturdays, 5:30pm & Sundays, 8:30: ages 4 – 4th grade
  • Sundays, 11am: ages 3 – 4th grade
  • FYI No Children’s Church: Dec 24/25

A safe and welcoming place for 0-3 years old

  • Saturdays, 5:30pm & Sundays, 8:30, 9:45, 11:00am
  • FYI No Nursery: Dec 24 @ 11pm; Dec 25 @ 11am; Jan 1 @ 9:45am

Learn the Bible through stories, art, cooking, movies, games, and science experiments

  • Sun 9:45-10:45am: Ages 3 – 4th grade
  • FYI No Sunday School: Dec 25 & Jan 1

High-energy game time, music, awards, and values learning

  • Wednesdays, 6:45-8pm
  • FYI No Awana: Dec 21 & 28

5th & 6th grade youth group developing friendships and applying Biblical truths to life.

  • Sunday Morning PAK – Every Sunday 9:45am
  • FYI No PAK: Dec 25 & Jan 1

Hang out, student-led worship and teaching

  • Sun 9:30ish-10:45am
  • FYI: No SMYG: Dec 25 & Jan 1

A safe and welcoming youth community center every Friday Night

  • 7th & 8th grade: 6:30-9:30pm (picked up by 10pm)
  • 9th-12th grade: 6:30-11pm (picked up by 11:30pm)
  • FYI No Coffeehouse Dec 23 & Dec 30

Students onMission in Dominican Republic 2017

Being part of the Christian & Missionary Alliance family means we have a unified vision to serve others out of love. Our high school students will have an opportunity to do this in a practical way in the Dominican Republic from Saturday, July 8th – Saturday, July 15th 2017.

We will be partnering with Envision DR (C&MA organization). The Envision site serves alongside Dominican Alliance churches.  Students may participate in sports ministry, children’s ministry, and outreach events all run through the local church.

On site coordinators are our local international workers Brandon and Bethany N. They have  been serving with Envision DR since the spring of 2014.  Brandon and Bethany both experienced a call to missions during their high school years and both were deeply impacted by serving as interns in Peru and France respectively during college.

It is our desire to have a number of students willing to go on mission to share God’s love with others and be transformed in the process. Who knows, maybe one of our own students will respond to a calling on their life to serve as international workers, just like the Brandon and Bethany.

Commitment forms are available between now (due by January 8, 2017). For any questions please contact Danny Muñoz, Youth Community Outreach Director, at danielm@bloomingdalechurch.org.


What happened at DiscipleNow 2016?

By Nate Kugel on November 15, 2016

“D-Now is always an experience that helps me grow in my faith and explore the deeper meaning of God and truths in my life.” – Jen B.

“I really enjoyed the ‘Crash’ message. Especially with college planning and my future to look towards the idea that I should focus and listen to God-sized dreams really made an impact.” – Jeremy P.

Our annual in-house youth weekend retreat, DiscipleNow, was packed with powerful discussions, high energy activities, and meeting new people. Whether the bouncy house, passing people overhead at the “Crash” event, or even serving by cleaning up a local high school, there were plenty of new and exciting activities each student got to experience.


Charlie A, Young Families Director and a former Young Life leader, lead three talks on Jesus’ questions to us from the Gospel of John – “What do you want?” How crazy is it that Jesus asks us whether or not we want Him. These sobering discussions had a positive response from our students, inspired to see more of their peers wrestle with Jesus’ question.

For more information on our youth group, check out www.storiesof.us.