A safe and welcoming place for 7th-12th grade students to develop friendships, be mentored, and discover Jesus.

A safe and welcoming place to hang out. Includes open-format (gym, coffeehouse, food, table-top games, and gathering event (group game, talk, conversations, music).
7th & 8th grade: 6:30-9:30 pm (must be picked up by 9:55pm)
9th-12th grade: 6:30-11:30 pm

YouthAlpha+March2014 - 9YG-coffeehouse-7Coffeehouse Winter 2014 - 01Coffeehouse_Jan20142

Weekly space to about learn God’s Word and how it changes us. Prayer, interactive worship experiences, and student-led teaching.
Sundays, 9:30ish-10:45am

Groups-Teens-Logos-smygSMYG_Jan20145SMYG_Jan20142BC-March2014 - 12

Students hanging out in youth leader & family homes discussing the Bible.
Offered fall, spring, and summer.

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Youth Alpha is a non-confrontational party to discover faith. Youth Alpha includes a meal, hang out time, and safe discussion about the Christian faith.

YouthAlpha2014_13Day Away '14 13YouthAlpha 2014 - 54Groups-Teens-Logos-Square-youthalpha

Helping incoming 7th and graduating 12th grade students make a natural transition through a fun social  group.

IMG_8966Bloomingdale Church Youth GroupBloomingdale Church Youth GroupCoffeehouse Thanksgiving201306

A mentoring initiative within the Bloomingdale Church community connecting 11-18 year old guys with Christian men and 11-18 year old girls with Christian women who will walk alongside them as they become mature confident adults.

Groups-Teens-Logos-tmpBloomingdale Church Youth Group1921191_10203264907007341_1160807342_oYouthAlpha2014_21

A semi-monthly serving project for our community alongside our peers, family or mentor.

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Supervised practical training for the onMission lifestyle

Winter Camp '14 2Winter Camp '14 3YouthAlpha2014_12YouthAlpha_Feb21 - 272

Giving students the needed change of pace in order to connect with Christ. onMission trips assist students in discerning what following Christ looks like.

Groups-Teens-Logos-Square-onmissiontripPhoto Oct 19, 7 48 14 PMIMG_8948IMG_8977

We believe that a teenager’s parent/guardian is the most important influence in their life and so want to do our best to encourage them.


Student Teachers @ SMYG

By Nate Kugel on January 17, 2015

On Sunday mornings, 7th-12th grade students meet from 9:45-10:45am for Sunday Morning Youth Group. This gathering time is different from any other event we do because the students do the Bible teaching.

When I was a teenager, my youth pastor asked me to teach our youth group. To my surprise, it was not so bad! As I opened my Bible to teach others, I was captivated by the truths that seemed to leap off the pages.  They applied to me and to my friends.  I quickly realized that if I was going to teach others about how to live, then I too should examine my own life, and not be a hypocrite .

This experience is what we hope for at Sunday Morning Youth Group. Last fall, our students taught the entire book of Romans, chapter by chapter.  This winter and spring, our students will cover select chapters from the book of Psalms.

Students, join friends and see what your part can be at our student-led Sunday Morning Youth Group.

“Journey” with us to Winter Camp 2015

By Matt M on January 15, 2015

Come “Journey” with us this year at Winter Camp 2015.

Life is about more than just where we are headed. It is also about who we are becoming in the midst of our journey.  Jesus marked the journey for his followers simply through his life, death and resurrection. He told us that being in relationship with God is a total life commitment.

He said: “Don’t look for shortcuts to God. The market is flooded with surefire, easygoing formulas for a successful life that can be practiced in your spare time. Don’t fall for that stuff, even though crowds of people do. The way to life—to God!—is vigorous and requires total attention.” Matthew 7:13-14 (The Message)

Maddy Manden will be our speaker during the weekend. Maddy is recently back in the United States after teaching for 4 years in Rwanda. Before working overseas, Maddy was an active member of the Bloomingdale Church youth group. We are pumped that she will be sharing with us!

Additionally, students will not want to miss out on all the fun activities they can participate in, including: snow tubing, hiking, open gym, laser tag, cabin time, and lots of good times with friends.

Feb 6–8, 2015
Dixon Valley Camp (Newark, IL)
Cost: $125
Sign up online at storiesof.us/offsite or by Jan 25.

Winter Banquet Benefits

By Daniel Riem on January 13, 2015

Do you remember the movie, “Groundhog’s Day”, in which Bill Murray’s character relives the same day 38 times?

On February 27-28, we will host our seventeenth annual Winter Banquet.  While it sometimes feels like “Groundhog’s Day”, I can honestly say, I do not mind. Want to know why?

Reason one: The Winter Banquet gives students an opportunity to be a part of something big. They may not receive a part in their school play, or get elected to student government, but we are happy to give them opportunities to work together writing the play, acting, leading their peers, and serving as waiters.

Reason two: The Winter Banquet helps students build a community.  Whenever you put time and sweat into a team production, a sense of trust and collaboration is built.

Reason three: The Winter Banquet gives adults an excuse to go out for a night to enjoy friendship, food, and theater. It is also a fantastic reason to invite a friend disconnected from faith to “something at my church.”

Reason four: The Winter Banquet supports our teens as they raise money for their trips. This summer, our students will be serving as a youth group in South Elgin, and on the intergenerational Palestine team .

If you are an adult, we invite you to be our guest on Fri Feb 27 or Sat Feb 28. You can purchase tickets here.

If you are a 7th-12th grade student , we hope you will commit to be a part of the Winter Banquet team:

  • Sat Jan 17 (9:30-11:30am): Prep & Play Practice (You must be present to receive acting part.)
  • Sat Jan 31 (9:30-11:30am): Prep & Play Practice
  • Sat Feb 14 (9:30-11:30am): Play Practice
  • Sat Feb 21 (9:30-11:30am): Prep & Play Practice
  • Thur Feb 26 (630-9pm): Setup/Dress rehearsal (All must be present)
  • Fri Feb 27 (4:30-10pm): Event (All must be present)
  • Sat Feb 28 (5:30-10:15pm) (All must be present)

Please note the following participation requirements:

  1. Plan to attend a 2015 onMission trip or retreat
  2. Attend at least one Saturday (Jan 17, Jan 31, Feb 21)
  3. Attend all of Thu Feb 26 setup and Feb 27-28 event
  4. Parent/Guardian participation is strongly encouraged

Making College Affordable: Parenting Teens Series

By Daniel Riem on December 18, 2014

Did you know that a college student may be able to receive as much as $9,730 ($14,450 if you attend a college in Illinois) in federal and state grants? This is one of the many “pay-offs” for working ahead of time to make college more affordable.

At our latest installment of the Parenting Teens Series, Melissa Kriauciunas, of the Illinois Student Assistance Commission, gave an informative overview of tools and tips in paying for college. She explained the options for state and federal grants and the student loan program. She reminded us that filling out an annual FAFSA is the first and very important first step. We also learned about additional sources such as “Employer Tuition Benefits”, military benefits, specific career benefits (such as teaching) in under-resourced schools and where to look for scholarships. Melissa recommends cappex.com, fastweb.com, and whatsnextillinois.org.

Why does the Bloomingdale Church youth group sponsors “parenting teens” events such as this one? It’s because we believe that a teenager’s parent/guardian is the most important influence in their life and we want to do our best to encourage them.

Next up: The Parenting Teens Course, a free video and conversation-style course facilitated by seasoned parents.
Part 1: Fridays – Jan 9, 16, 23, 30, February 6
Part 2: Fridays – Feb, 13, 20, March 6, 13, 20
Register for the Parenting Teens Course