Barnabas [A Real Character]

Joseph of Cyprus was one of the lesser known characters in the New Testament, yet, his life had a profound effect on many people. He was nicknamed Barnabas, the “Son of Encouragement.”

Sermon Outline [PDF]

Day Camp 2015 Highlights & Opening Sessions



Tuesday’s highlights:

  • Iced coffee & bottled water for the adults at check-in
  • Watching the Avengers teach Willy the Worm, Sammy the Scarecrow and Mama Jo on how to forgive and to show love to each other
  • Kids singing and jumping along with the Day Camp Band
  • Playing games outside in the sunshine


Wednesday’s Highlights

  • Herbie the Snail story.  (You’ll be glad to know that Herbie is feeling better now and enjoying his birthday.  And he’s trying to be more patient.)
  • The Avengers taught Sammy the Scarecrow how it takes patience to grow corn.
  • The “Jalapeno Sisters” performed “Let It Go.”
  • “Gaga-ball!”  (You’ll have to ask a 5th or 6th grader.)
  • Learning motions to the songs.


Thursday’s Highlights

  • We went fishing and caught eight fish and they were “this big!”  See the pictures at: facebook.com/kidsquestbc.
  • Sammy and Mama Jo were injured, but thankfully Captain America practiced kindness and cared for them.
  • Mrs. Marina told the story of “Suzy Swoof” and how her friends learned to be kind to her.
  • Kids and teachers joined in on a spontaneous dance party.
  • The “Beat Brothers” performed an original rap for the America’s Got Talent” judges.
  • We made tye-dyed t-shirts and decorated door hangers during craft time.


Josiah [A Real Character]

We are studying the life of young man who profoundly altered his world. His name was Josiah and he became king of a sizeable country when he was six years old. This message was presented by David Riemenschneider on June 13 & 14, 2015.

Sermon Outline [PDF]

Isaiah [A Real Character]

Dr. Bill Calvin preaches on Isaiah 6 and our call to holiness.