Joy In Serving

Having abiding joy is a quality people deeply desire. Philippians 2:1-11 offers practical advice on having it. This message was presented by David Riemenschneider on August 29&30, 2015.

Sermon Outline [PDF]

Joy [Message Series]

We prefer a life that goes smooth, no major disappointments and no surprises, at least no surprises that make trouble for us. Personal contentment is a high value in our lives. It’s something we like a whole lot. A devoted family, loyal friends, good health, a safe neighborhood and satisfying job are coveted components of a happy life. These factors may all converge in our life at the same time …sometimes. When they do and when they don’t, we still have the capacity for an abiding joy in our lives. The Bible explains the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of this inner joy, no matter our circumstances.
Please consider join us at our current weekend message series “Joy” (Saturdays 5:30pm, Sundays 8:30am & 11am. The Joy series is drawn from the New Testament book of Philippians.



In the book of Philippians, we get to know a man who inspired many with his joyful attitude that permeated his life, despite the major troubles he was facing. This message was presented by David Riemenschneider on August 15&16, 2015.

Sermon Outline [PDF]