“10 Freedoms” > 4/10+11/10

Pastor David Riemenschneider begins the first in the series on the 10 Commandments.//  The 10 Commandments are universal in scope, and not based on customs or geography.//  They are simplistic but all encompassing.//  They are a stabilizing code for individuals, families, communities and societies rooted in a loving covenant relationship with God.//  DO NOT HAVE OTHER GODS:  Pastor David looks at reactions and responses to this Commandment.//  A review of the Commandment through the eyes of history is evaluated.//  A self evaluation is considered with a list of what “other gods” we may have on the “top shelf of our bookcase of priorities” that should really be relegated to the bottom shelf.//  The problem with “other gods” is that they destroy us and take our lives away.//

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