“10 Freedoms” > Commandment #2> 4/17+18/10

Pastor David Riemenschneider continues with his series on The 10 Commandments with Commandment #2 : Do not make an idol of anything.//  Our top self priorities should not contain any other “false gods” or false images of God.//  The difference between Commandment #1 and #2 are explained and how sometimes  we decide what someone is like by the image we perceive and respond on that basis.//  We must not respond to just the image we have, for this is a misrepresentation of the True God.//  Pastor David goes over some common false images of God we have, and the sources of these ideas.//  The big question is : Who do you worship, and do you have any false images of God on your top shelf?//  The message ends with a sure strategy to study the Scripture to know what the truth of God really is.//

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