“10 Freedoms: Commandment #3″>4/24+25/10

Pastor David Riemenschneider continues in his series on the 10 commandments with commandment #3: Respect God’s Name.//”The Lord will not hold anyone guiltless who misuses His Name” is a very strong statement from Exodus 20:7.//  It grieves God’s heart because He is perfect and good and has nothing to do with the disgusting profane lies His Name is associated with when His Name is used in vain.//  Using His Name in vain cuts down His character, His role in our lives, and His relationship He seeks with us.//  People misuse His Name because of ignorance and arrogance.//  Pastor David goes over profanity in words and actions and then reviews some examples of each.//  The message ends with a personal inventory of ways we may be profaning the Name of God.//

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