10 Freedoms > Commandment #5 > 5/8+9/10

Pastor David Riemenschneider continues in his 10 commandment series with Commandment #5 : Honor your parents.//  This is the first commandment that comes with a promise, and that is the promise of a long and full life.//  Parents are the first authorities in a child’s life.//  Our attitude toward authority reveals out character and dominates our contentment because we always have a boss.//  Children are self centered sinners who need major redirection in their lives.//  Undirected they can trash their lives in a short time.//  For parents: Listen first and do not be to quick to give advise.//  Parents are the primary people in forming the values of kids around them.// For kids: How do you honor parents if there are major problems?//  Major problems do not give you a pass on commandment #5, so honor them anyway for what they have done for you and changed your life positively.//  Pastor David gives some solutions and examples of this issue.//  Both kids and parents should set an example for believers in speech, life, love, faith and purity.//

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