10 Freedoms > Commandment #8 > 5/29+30/10

Pastor David Riemenschneider continues the series on the 10 Commandments with Commandment #8 : Do not steal. //  The word “steal” has a broader definition than one might think and encompasses many different actions. //  Pastor David outlines these different definitions in “Six ways to be a common thief ” . //  These are: 1.] Take anothers property. 2.] Carry out deceptive transactions. 3.] Mistreat the resources of others placed in your care. 4.] Cheat family or others by giving too much attention to inferior pursuits. 5.] Rob God 6.] Allowing the great thief, Satan, to steal our joy & purpose, or to allow Satan to steal the hearts of our youth. //  Pastor David ends the message with two questions as a practical response: 1.] Is my bookcase of priorities in order in the way I really live?  2.} Am I really allowing the devil to rob my joy / significance / purpose in any area of my life? //

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