10 Freedoms > Commandment # 9 > 6/5+6/10

Pastor David Riemenschneider continues with the series on the 10 Commandments with Commandment #9 : Tell the Truth.//  A lie is intentionally misrepresenting the truth and to deceive by making a false impression. //  Commandment #9 is in the Bible because lying ruins relationships and is highly destructive.//  The defence mechanisms used to misrepresent the truth are : 1.] Denial.  2.] Rationalization. and 3.] Projection.//  Pastor David presents 6 personal inventory questions.: 1.] Do you deceive others for personal gain? 2.] Do you deceive others to make yourself look better? 3.] Does your public image and private behavior match up? 4.] Are you in touch with your self deceiving defence mechanism? 5.] Do you model truth telling to others? 6.] Do you let other’s opinions of you influence you more than God’s truth about you? //  Pastor David ends the message with 2 points of practical therapy for us: 1.] Read the Bible every day and do the T.A.P.  2.] Listen non-defenceably to the input of truthful friends.//

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