10 Freedons > Commandment #6 > 5/15+16/10

Pastor David Riemenschneider continues his series on The Ten Commandments with Commandment #6 : “You shall not murder.” //  All the ramifications of this commandment can be summed up in one statement: “Angry attitudes and wounding words are murderous.” //  Frustrations come out as anger and inner violence.//  Angry attitudes and wounding words lead to over-reacting and character assassination which lead to verbal homicide.//  Angry attitudes and wounding words do damage to others and to us.//  Anger has a silent partner, a killer named “bitterness.”//  Anger and bitterness can dominate and control your life and foster isolation and discontentment.//  When we forgive we renew relationships and experience joy.//   We should forgive and not be angry because God forgave us!!//  God always acts benevolently towards us and He does no wrong, yet we feel He is not fair to us at times.//  If that is how you feel, TELL HIM,  because He can take it!!//  Do not remain a victim and let it ruin your life.//  It is right to make our relationships right.//  Forgiveness and reconciliation is better than anger and bitterness.//

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