1820s Bible Marathon

By Daniel Riem on March 25, 2014

On March 1, the 18.20’s sat down together and decided to honor God through the reading of his word in community. We called this a “Bible Marathon” because it was a commitment of longevity and endurance. We committed to reading Scripture for 2.5 hours because we were eager to “taste and see that the Lord is good (Ps. 34:8)” and to drink deeply from his Word.

The Lord revealed himself to us in unique ways as we read the book of Deuteronomy in one sitting. Some things that stuck out were God’s faithfulness, holiness, absolute hatred of sin, and the consequences of obedience and disobedience.

Katherine B: “I enjoyed it! Reading Deuteronomy together as a group provided the motivation needed to read a large chunk of Scripture in one sitting. God’s faithfulness over and over, both his holiness and his mercy, and his heart to bless when we obey really stood out to me more than it ever had before when I read Deuteronomy in short chunks. The Bible Marathon also displayed the simple power of the Word of God alone. All we did was read the Word together, but it was powerful. I’m really grateful for that time.”

Heather G: “I love the Bible Marathons because it can replace a normal movie night with something far more eternally beautiful and deeper. Deuteronomy was a really good and intense read about Gods holiness, his hatred for sin, and his profound love demonstrated through the law.”

Raquel V:  “My Bible Marathon experience with 18.20’s something’s has had such a huge impact in my life! And it is an honor to witness that Gods spirit has been moving in my heart and in others. As a runner, I know an understand what it means and feels like to keep my mind and eyes towards the finish line. Walking into our Bible Marathon With this mind set has been so moving! There may be times during my training where I may feel like giving up, but training and commitment is so important. I relate my Bible Marathon experience to my race experiences; my life is a race marked out for me! Being in his word for hours straight not only took sacrifice but it took obedience as well.”

Brent S: “Reading the book of Deuteronomy in one sitting with the 18.20Something group help me see the full picture of what the book is saying. I found reading it out loud as a group helped me to stay accountable to finishing the book and helped me to gain new insights when we discussed the reading afterwards.”