1820s Marriage Panel

By Brent Steinke on May 24, 2016

Being 28 years old and watching many of my friends get married or start contemplating marriage, I’ve been able to observe things that were beneficial to their relationships and also things that were detrimental.

Growing up I always had the underlying suspicion that dating and marriage would be easy, based upon how romantic comedies and popular music have portrayed them. But lo and behold, this hasn’t seemed to be the experience of so many of my friends.

Seeing as how different ideologies of dating and marriage have failed us in many ways, we thought as a young adult group we should tackle the subject of dating and marriage from a Christian perspective by having four Christ-centered marriages be our panelists and have them share their perspectives on dating and marriage. The result was nothing short of eye opening for myself and I know it was just as impactful for many others within our 1820somethings group as well. Our hope is to not stop there though. Having multiple perspectives on certain subjects is how we would like to engage more topics within the 1820somethings group in the future.

If you would like to see a video of this panel please visit our public facebook group “BC1820s.”