Life Designing Course

“Hindsight is 20/20.” Perhaps this seasoned saying hits a little closer to home as you look back on this past year. Conceivably 2020 exposed some things about who you are and what you are prioritizing with your life.

Or maybe there is something else – a life experience, a thought that keeps coming to mind, a consultation from someone you trust, a whisper from God – that you are ready to do something about but you are not fully confident of what it entails or how you would go about pursuing it.

To look forward, we start by looking back – that’s 20/20 vision.

It’s hard to get far on your own in designing a plan around the purpose of your next season, let alone the purpose of your life, but with the help of a guide and some personal grit, you can achieve this.

Enroll in the self-paced Life Designing Course

You will work through these three modules: 

  • Journey from my START (What has shaped who I am?)
  • Journey to SELF (How am I uniquely designed?)
  • Journey to be SENT (What am I aligned to do?)

Each of three modules include: 

  • an introduction video
  • guided questions laid out in a participant guide
  • supplemental exercises

By engaging in this self-paced program, you will:

  1. Put together a written design for the future you sense God has entrusted to you
  2. Develop actionable and achievable goals to get you closer to your envisioned future from your current reality

Enroll in the self-paced Life Designing Course