“A Peek at the Presence of God” > 10-4-09

Pastor David Riemenschneider starts his review of Revelation 4 with a look at what the book of Revelation IS and IS NOT.//  It IS a historical letter of encouragement in difficult times, a clear truth about God’s character and roll, an a promise of God’s plan.//It is NOT a strange book impossible to understand and interpret with weird symbols to speculate on.//All the numbers , symbols and images should not be over-speculated  or over-interpreted.//Revelation 4 is written so we will not be frightened during the “trumpets and bowls” in upcoming chapters.//It is a look into the heavenly realm and the future of our world by John, who is only human, with human limitations of understanding and interpretation.//Pastor Dave goes over some of the imagery: jasper, carnelian, emerald, 24 elders, lightning, thunder, 7 lamps, 4 animals, 6 wings, and glass.//Revelation 4 reminds us of God’s promise of completion, perfection, remembrance, sacrifice, and his power, faithfulness, intelligence, sovereignty, and freedom.//We should focus on the primary message, not the unusual symbols.//God is the creator of all things, and it all gets re-created at the end of revelation.//Be encouraged, God is still running the universe.//Embrace the truths of the book, live with thankful hearts, invite God into your everyday life, and view each day as an opportunity to make a difference for eternity.//

Revelation 4 Outline [Click here]