A Question that Changed my Life

By Nate Kugel on October 27, 2014

One time my family was at my in-law’s house and one of the children was being really rascally. I don’t remember the details, but the conversation ended like this:

Me to my 4 year old: “Are you allowed to say ‘NO’ to your parents?”
My 4 year old’s response: “NO!”

Queue laughter from all within earshot.

I remembered a simple truth that day: bad questions = bad answers, good questions = good answers.

One of the best questions someone ever asked me was this: “What if you could start over?”

The person asking cared about me and genuinely wanted to know the answer; but for me, the question caught me by surprise… and made me think. It brought me to a realization that I wanted a clean slate. I wanted newness of life.

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