Weekend Service

For some people, visiting a church can be a new and apprehensive experience. Whether you’re coming back to church or trying it out for the first time, we want you to find a friendly place as well as encouragement and practical guidance at Bloomingdale Church.

What are the times?

We have three weekend worship hours in the main sanctuary:
  • Saturday, 5:30pm
  • Sunday, 8:30am
  • Sunday, 11:00am

The atmosphere of the weekend worship hours is friendly and comfortable. People dress as they wish. Some dress casual, some dress up. The total time is about an hour. People from a wide spectrum of ages, ethnic heritages, as well as many church backgrounds (and lack of church backgrounds) attend Bloomingdale Church.

Where is the church?

Bloomingdale Church is located at 264 Glen Ellyn Road in Bloomingdale, Illinois. Glen Ellyn Road runs north and south between Army Trail Road and Lake Street (Route 20). The church is located on the west side of Glen Ellyn Road, midway between Army Trail Road and Lake Street.

Where do I enter the building?

There are six outside entrances to the sanctuary. We have a set of doors in front of the church along Glen Ellyn Road. There are additionally three sets of doors along the lower level west side of the building (where most of the parking is located). On the lower level of the building, signs direct you to the main sanctuary.

What about my kids?

We have set aside spaces for parents with infants during the weekend worship hours:
  • Nursery: A caring, safe place for infants, crawlers, and toddlers. Staffed by screened, qualified volunteers. Lower level Nursery Wing.
  • Parent-Infant Room: A glassed space adjacent to the sanctuary where you and your infant can participate in the worship hour.
  • Live Video Feed – Children’s Theater Room: A contained space where you and your infant/toddler can view the service comfortably if they are not yet ready for the nursery or infant room. Lower level Nursery Wing.

At the halfway point of every weekend service (Sat 5:30pm, Sun 8:30 & 11am), children, age 3-4th grade, are invited to Children’s Church. It is a special space where children participate in a Bible story time and enjoy free play with music, puppets, crafts, dress-up, arts, and more. Visit our Kids page.

How can I get more information?

If you are looking for more answers, please feel free to contact us. The church office is open Monday through Friday 9AM to 4PM and Saturdays 7 AM to 10 AM. Our phone number is 630.894.0090 and email is info@bloomingdalechurch.org.