Adult Education Winter Semester 2016

Spanish Sermon Interaction Class – Is Spanish your first language? Or want to brush up on your Spanish skills? Es Español su primer idioma? O quieres mejorar su Español? Sanctuary Infant Room, led by Ana Torres.

18.20 Somethings Singles between the ages of 18 & 29 years. Study of Genesis. Meets in the lower level of the gray house at the back of the parking lot. Let by Brent Steinke.

Young Professionals — A class of young, professional adults, single and married who have social events and do community service projects. Hosted by Pastor Bill & Nancy Calvin in the lower level community room of the north building across the parking lot. Starts Jan 10.

Young Families Community Group –hosted by parents of the Young Families, Led by Charlie & Miriam Audino, Coffeehouse.

Middle Ground (Adults, late 30’s to early 60’s). Middle Ground also holds a monthly Friday evening dinner event that includes children. Led by Chad Smith, Common Grounds East.

Bible Elective –“Slightly Bad Girls of the Bible” by Liz Curtis Higgs. Common Grounds West. Led by Nancy Hellstrom.

Baptism Class — For people 13 years old and up who have not yet been baptized as a believer. Meets in the South lobby. Led by members of pastoral staff. Sun. Mar. 13 & 20. Must attend one of these classes in order to be baptized. Click here to sign up.

Child Dedication Class — For people who want to dedicate their child(ren) to the Lord on Mother’s Day, May 8. Class will be held on Wed. Apr. 27, from 7:15 to 8:00 pm. in the south lobby. Click here to sign up.