Adult Education Winter Semester Course Offerings

Bible Marathon—Isaiah: 18.20somethings group.
Meets in lower level of the grey house. (Led by Brent Steinke)

The Stewardship of Time and Life: Young Professionals & Young Couples groups.
Meets in lower level of the North Building. Begins Jan 4, 2014. (Led by Bill Calvin)

1 Corinthians—A Dynamic Church Dealing with More Problems than the Italians Have Spaghetti: Young Families group.
Meets in Common Grounds West. (Led by Charlie & Miriam A)

Blurred Boundaries—Why We Feel Busy, Rushed, and Unfulfilled and What We Can Do about It: Middle Ground group.
Meets in Common Grounds East. (Led by Chad S)

Jonah—When You Feel Swallowed Up: Bible Class #1.
Meets in the sanctuary. (Led by Ponch P)

James—Divine Wisdom Simply Put: Bible Class #2.
Meets in Coffeehouse. (Led by Greg M)