Fall 2019 Adult Education

Sundays, starting September 8

IPSAT Course – North Building, lower level
Discover, optimize, and unleash the resources God put inside you. The IPSAT (Identity Profile Self-Awareness Tool) is a guided discovery combining insights from assessments with the support of a small group and the focused attention of a coach.
[Led by Daniel & Amy Riemenschneider]
More info: bloomingdalechurch.org/ipsat

Young Families – Coffeehouse
“Parental Guidance Required” series by Andy Stanley.
[Led by Dan & Amber Marcello]

“What More Can I Say?” – North Building, lower level (Begins Sep 15)
Have you ever wondered about some of the lesser known heroes of the Bible? The ones that that the author of Hebrews 11 didn’t “have time to tell” us more about?
[Led by Nancy H]

Bible Breakfast / Supper Clubs – Common Grounds
(Saturdays 6:30pm, Sundays 9:45am)
We meet weekly, eat a delicious free meal, see a great 5-minute video on the Scriptures we are currently reading, and then discuss the parts that really grabbed us.
[Led by Beth F & Bill Calvin]