Fall 2021 Adult Education

Classes start Sunday, September 12 (unless otherwise noted)
Two time slots available: 9-10am or 10:30-11:30am

“Boundaries with Kids”

Sundays 9am (Common Grounds)
Yes, you can say no to your child and still be a loving parent. Discover how boundaries make parenting better! Drs. Henry Cloud and John Townsend provide the help and guidance you need for raising your kids to take responsibility for their actions, attitudes, and emotions that will help them lead balanced, productive, and fulfilling adult lives.
[Led by various guest teachers from Families group]

“When You Feel Like Quitting”

Sundays 9am (Coffeehouse) – Sep 12-Oct 24
Most of us at times get discouraged and want to give up and quit. Quit school. Quit our job. Quit marriage. Quit parenthood. Quit our church. Quit the Christian life. But 2 Timothy teaches us that trials and difficulties are divinely used to mold our character, forge our conduct, enhance our relationship with Christ, and to enrich our service for Him. This epistle, then, instructs us how to peacefully stay the course and joyfully keep on keeping on.
[Led by Dr. Ron Sauer, a long-time Moody Bible Institute professor of New Testament and Greek]

“The Life of Christ”

Sundays 10:30am (Common Grounds) – Sep 12-Nov 28
We have given our lives to Him, worship Him, pray in His Name, study His teachings, love Him, and trust in Him for our eternal salvation. Bring your Bibles and prepare to frame The Life of Christ in a new way that will strengthen our faith, knowledge, and relationship with Jesus Christ. We will discuss the culture, politics, lifestyles and geography of the life and times into which Christ was born and the progression of His ministry and mission.
[Led by Beth F]

“The COACH Training Workshop” – CLASS IS FILLED

Sundays 10:15am (Hope Center) – Sep 12-Dec 5
Coaching is an approach to interacting. It’s a more effective way of developing and leading people. The course is very practical and interactive, with lots of skills practice built in. It’s not a lecture. By the end of the course you will have the skills and the confidence to use coaching at work, in your home, and in service opportunities. Join the Coaching Workshop for Christian Leaders and get practical leadership skills training!
Learn more: bloomingdalechurch.org/coachworkshop | Sign up here
[Facilitated by Daniel Riemenschneider]

“The Oddest Book in the Bible”

Sundays 9am (Coffeehouse)Nov 21-Dec 12
The Letter to Philemon has been described as the ‘oddest book in the Bible.’ It’s the only letter that Paul writes to a person. Theologian NT Wright’s video class will help describe what society was like under the Romans and how different this letter is from the common practice at the time. He will help us understand how Philemon would have read it, so we can apply the lessons to our own lives. The course will feature video sessions by NT Wright and discussion.
[Led by Bruce G]