Some of us are going to college or graduate school and some are in the working world, building careers. We are a community that seeks to understand the Bible and how it speaks to our lives.
Young Couples & Young Families
We desire to deepen our relationship with God, strengthen our marriages, and build friendships. No matter what issues or phase you are encountering in your engagement or marriage, you are welcome in our group.
Middle Ground
Middle Ground is a great excuse for anybody above 30 to get together and hang out. The purpose is a social touchpoint with others in this unique stage of life. It is for both singles and couples and children are welcome too.
A seniors group that gets together the 2nd Saturday of each month for a fellowship dinner in the Common Grounds.
Alpha Gather
Alpha Gather is a group of about 30 people who gather once every other week for food, friendship, and growth through teaching, song, and prayer.
 Two Tuesday women’s groups, Morning Break (9am) and Evening Break (6:45pm) meet in the Common Grounds for Bible study and discussion.  40-50 women attend each group taught by veteran teacher, Marina Riemenschneider.
Men meet on Monday nights to study the Bible and pray together. A second men’s group also meet on Mondays for a shorter Bible study and play basketball together in our gym. We get together to do regular service projects in the community as well.
Creative Arts
Creative people whose goal is to use their design talents to honor God.  They meet monthly on Monday nights in the Coffeehouse (lower level).