Creative Arts

Music & Worship Arts

The Music & Worship Arts Ministries is a team that strives to honor God through our talents with music and other expressions of art. If you are interested in joining this team, please contact Chris Steinke at


Our community choir presents songs in our worship hours throughout the year. Anyone who loves music and is willing to be committed to the rehearsals is welcome to be a part of our church choir. Typically the choir has a fall, advent and spring season in which it rehearses and presents their songs on various weekends.

Creative Collective

A collective of creative people whose goal is to use their design talents to honor God.  We inspire to empower artistically-minded people to utilize their God-given talents, be a welcoming group for creative people, collaborate on projects.  Click here to discover more.

Short Film Team – Video Editors

By Nate Kugel on October 16, 2017

We believe God has gifted all of us to serve in someway to encourage the body of Christ (aka. the Church). You might be surprised that the part you play best could be a great need for our church–take your MyFit Questionaire (click here) to find out.

A growing need in our church is the individuals interested in learning or are knowledgable in filming and video editing. Video making requires an artistic eye for detail while being a good story-teller. We are putting together a team to meet the needs for program promotion and visual story-telling.
In 2015, our film team pulled off our largest project yet, with 15+ actors and 5 camera men. Click here: “Life Saving Station.”

Time requirements–Simply attend one meeting every other month, as well as the time spent working on the unique projects.

Fill out the MyFit form and say ‘hi’ to Nate Kugel, the film team staff coordinator:
Email – (630) 894-0090

Join the Choir Singing at June 10/11 Weekend Services

By Christopher Steinke on May 25, 2017

Do you enjoy singing and being a part of a choir?

The Bloomingdale Church Choir is singing and performing at the June 10-11 weekend services. We will have three rehearsals on Saturday mornings at 9-10am on May 27, June 3, and June 10. All are welcome; the only requirement is being able to come to two practices!

Sign up here and we’ll see you there!

Creatives Who Collaborate (in a Church)

By Daniel Riem on September 20, 2016

It quite possibly might have only worked because it was within the scope of a church.

I’m talking about the recently completed “Portico Entrance Hallway Project.”

Over a year ago, the Creative Collective group began developing ideas to redesign the hallway space.  As we gathered month-to-month, we began to realize an important value of our church: we love pictures of people. We are a “people church,” after all.  How we would go about designing this, however, took a lot of collaboration.

Our finalized project is five 36″x36″ plexiglass frames.  Each frame highlights one of our five mission statement themes: Worship, Praying, Learning, Caring, Outreaching. It features a large-format “hero” shot and three mid-sized photos.  (We are excited about how easy it will be to trade in new photos.)

While we are really glad this project is finally completed, we are grateful for the friendship and work we got to do together. The team included: Marsha B, Dorene B, Keir C, Lou & Louie G, Bill & Denise M, Daniel R, Connie S, Kevin & Toshiba T, Jason T, Vince T, David V, Adrian W.

Do you enjoy creative things like photography, graphic design, film, coding, and interior design? You may enjoy joining our collective of creatives.  Please email to share your interest.

Our Neighbor – “Sound Man” Kirk S

By Amy Jo Steinbruecker on March 21, 2016

Sometimes volunteering can steer you to a new passion. Sound team volunteer Kirk S knew nothing about operating a sound board or the production of a music team before coming to Bloomingdale Church. Now, if you talk to him you’d know he’s one of those people that can hear things that most of us don’t hear. He’s taken on as a mission to improve the sound quality so our regular attenders and guests can get the best experience possible – whether that’s from the music team, drama team or the message. And since we have a teaching pastor who likes to shake things up occasionally with creative methods like speaking while riding his bicycle around the sanctuary, there is rarely a dull moment in his responsibility.

Kirk and his wife Amy Jo started attending Bloomingdale Church in 2004 when they moved into the Westwind neighborhood near the church. After one visit they were hooked. “By 2005 my wife Amy Jo was in a play with the drama team and I volunteered to do sound on an old portable system in the gym. Things went crazy, the power kept going out due to the lights we were using. I guess that since I came through that unharmed, they felt I could handle sound for one of regular weekend services.”

As Kirk learned more about the technology, he became more engaged. At one point a few years ago, he was between jobs and he took classes at Harper Community College in sound engineering and received his certification. He met sound engineers from all across Chicago involved in a professional organization and he did some work in a recording studio in the city.

Kirk and Amy Jo have both been involved with the high school youth group and teen mentoring program in recent years. One of Kirk’s most impactful experiences was going on a mission trip to San Carlos, Arizona with the teens. “It was an eye opening experience for me. I was invited to be the photographer, but it turned into so much more. I was hesitant to go at first, but I finally agreed (with a little push from Amy Jo). I was glad I did.”

Though he had attended Catholic schools and served as an “altar boy” in his youth, Kirk was far from a church goer in his adult years by the time he met Amy Jo. “My wife likes to tease that she had to drag me to church when we first started attending, and now she has to drag me out after church because I am talking so much to my friends.”

These days, Kirk is able to pursue his passion working with sound equipment as a volunteer while he makes his living in property management. If working behind the scenes on sound or screen is something you would like to do, find out more about it at Kirk encourages anyone to try something new like this if you have the interest. Kirk did and has found it very satisfying.

Kirk and Amy Jo live in Addison, IL.