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Creatives Who Collaborate (in a Church)

By Daniel Riem on September 20, 2016

It quite possibly might have only worked because it was within the scope of a church.

I’m talking about the recently completed “Portico Entrance Hallway Project.”

Over a year ago, the Creative Collective group began developing ideas to redesign the hallway space.  As we gathered month-to-month, we began to realize an important value of our church: we love pictures of people. We are a “people church,” after all.  How we would go about designing this, however, took a lot of collaboration.

Our finalized project is five 36″x36″ plexiglass frames.  Each frame highlights one of our five mission statement themes: Worship, Praying, Learning, Caring, Outreaching. It features a large-format “hero” shot and three mid-sized photos.  (We are excited about how easy it will be to trade in new photos.)

While we are really glad this project is finally completed, we are grateful for the friendship and work we got to do together. The team included: Marsha B, Dorene B, Keir C, Lou & Louie G, Bill & Denise M, Daniel R, Connie S, Kevin & Toshiba T, Jason T, Vince T, David V, Adrian W.

Do you enjoy creative things like photography, graphic design, film, coding, and interior design? You may enjoy joining our collective of creatives.  Please email to share your interest.

Where did all the pictures go?

By Daniel Riem on January 24, 2016

As someone who enjoys people-watching, I (Daniel Riemenschneider) have recently made it a point to greet people as they walk to the sanctuary through the newly re-painted walls in the portico hallway.  The hallway looks different and I was curious what people would say.

The most repeated comment:“Where did all the pictures go?”

I was encouraged.  You see the people who attend our church love to see the people in our church. We are a “people church,” and when we took down pictures of people, they noticed.

I share this story, because for the last year, our Creative Collective team has been working on this hallway project.  Not just to update colors or de-clutter things, but to find a fresh way to highlight what we care about as a church: people.


Do you enjoy creative things like photography, graphic design, film, coding, and interior design?  You may enjoy joining our collective of creatives.   We meet at least every fourth Monday at 7:30-9pm in the Coffeehouse (onsite) or at JET advertising (121 Fairfield Way #100, Bloomingdale).  Upcoming dates include: Feb 15, Mar 14, Apr 11, May 9.

Interior Designers, Photographers, Digital Artists: There’s a space for you.

Our Creative Collective team has relaunched an ongoing project to redesign the Portico entrance hallway this fall.

  1. We are seeking to take award-winning photos of our people/programs that represents our church mission statement.  (We are always looking for more photographers.)
  2. We are working together on the aesthetic design of the hallway space: 5 photo cluster areas; color; etc.  (We are looking for additional people who are interested in interior design.)
  3. We are meeting again on Mon Sep 28 at 7:30pm in the Coffeehouse.

If you have ever wondered if there is a space for creatives in a local church, we hope this gives is your “yes.”

Here are interests we are looking for:

  • Interior Design: I enjoy creating spaces that feel cozy and welcoming.
  • Photography: Using a DSLR, I enjoy taking photos of people or things.
  • Photoshop: I enjoy editing photos or creating images.
  • Illustrator: I enjoy creating logos.

Email or complete this form.

Creative Collective | Monthly on Mondays this Fall

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Enjoy artistic expression, design, problem-solving? Creative Collective- people sharing ideas & projects. Aug 31, 730p. BC Coffeehouse

Are you the “creative type”?  Will you consider not only being involved with Creative Collective this fall, but inviting another creative person to join us too?  

What’s happening on Mon Aug 31?

  • Pastor David is going to share about his interest in photography.  (We will be carrying on the idea of having someone present on their art/medium at each CC.)
  • We will pray and thank God together.
  • We will work on our shared project: main hallway entrance project.

Upcoming CC Dates

  • Aug 31
  • Sep 28
  • Oct 26
  • Nov 23