Creative Collective

The Creative Collective Brings Creatives Together

By Daniel Riem on November 1, 2014

One Tuesday evening last spring, Jason T, Adrian W, and I (Daniel) sat in a local coffee shop talking about our shared passions: design, art, and creativity. As we sipped our coffee, we talked about working collaboratively on projects to enhance the church’s environments. We wondered how to bring other creatives together.

The Creative Collective was formed as “a collective of creatives, sharing things that inspire them, and using their design and creativity talents to honor God.”

At each monthly meeting (2nd Mondays), we typically do four things: First, each person shares their name and something about a topic (ie: “What was a creative risk you took?”) Second, we thank God for creativity and beauty, and ask for His presence as we meet. Third, we have a brainstorming session of ideas on how to help “reach people in our community”.  Finally, we turn ideas into projects.

Have you noticed the new Kid Quest Check-In, the “Arts of Spiritual Conversations” message series or the “BurmaShave”  signs outside the church each weekend?  These are both results of the Collective’s ideas.

If you are creative, passionate about art, enjoy design, or like solving problems creatively, then we hope you will consider coming to the next Creative Collective meeting. We meet on the second Monday of the month at 7:30-9pm in the Coffeehouse.