“An Unseen, Invisible War” > 1-22+23-11

The Text : Daniel 10

The Context: The Babylonians invaded and destroyed Jerusalem. Daniel was kidnapped as a teenager from his home and was taken to Babylon to serve in the king’s court. Daniel remained a faithful follower of the Lord, despite the pressure of the sophisticated and pagan culture of Babylon. {Babylon was later conquered by Persia}. He is now in his senior years, wondering if he will ever see his homeland and if his people will ever be together in Jerusalem again.

Pastor David Riemenschneider delivers this weeks message in the series on the Book of Daniel: “Over Us Over All”.  God hears and answers our prayers. There is a war between good and evil in both the visible and invisible realm. Evil forces are attempting to disrupt good in people’s lives. God’s angels are real and interact with people at times. God offers hope and encouragement to us in our need. The Power of God is greater than any factor of evil. Will you trust God to help in the battle, or try to fight on your own???

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