Awana Bible Memorization Ideas

A foundational aspect of Awana Club is to learn and apply God’s Word to life!

We’ve collected a list of ideas for helping children memorize the Bible:

  • Ask them to say the verses twice and ask them what the verse means
  • Ask them to read the verse to themselves 3 times before they practice with you
  • Sometimes it helps to sing the song or make up hand motions
  • Try breaking the verse into segments while memorizing
  • Write out the verse
  • Ask them to keep repeating it
  • Use 3×5 index cards and write a word or two on each card and then lay the verse out on the table word side up. Cards are flipped over to hide a word one card at a time, saying the verse one or two times each time a new card is flipped. Eventually all the cards are flipped over.