I Am Not Ghetto: Beckon (Banquet)

By Daniel Riem on October 17, 2015

Beckon! changing hearts…transforming lives…


Walk the streets of many urban neighborhoods and you will see all around you individuals stuck in the destructive cycles of urban poverty—victimization, abandonment, violence, distrust, and despair. They are at-risk (court supervised)—recruited by gangs at an early age, government dependant, criminal records, homeless. But their futures are not yet determined. We know that, through the love and power of Jesus Christ, they can have a very different future.

We have found that through summer camping experiences—away from the city and apart from the distractions and burdens of daily life in the city—God gives moments of lucidity and hope—and life-changing encounters with Him. But a summer camp can only do so much. Beckon exists to extend these one-time experiences into year round retreats providing opportunities away from the city, where people can creatively experience a different perspective on life. In cooperation with local churches, Beckon then supports these experiences with advocates in the city, to guide youth and young adults in making positive life decisions.

You are Key to Beckon! The key to this ministry is people who know God’s grace, love and mercy, and desire to share it. Through your volunteer help and financial support, Beckon! can reach urban young people and young adults for Christ

Why Beckon?
Beckon provides fatherless young urban men (18-30 yrs of age) an opportunity to be mentored and discipled. Beckon provides assistance in job placement, housing, clothing needs, substance abuse, anger management and support to leave the gang.

Beckon provides spiritual fathering in order to bring about spiritual maturity and wise decision making. Beckon helps young men to be set free from negative poverty mindsets, to now receive a new mindset that is based on God’s Biblical Truth and the Power of the Holy Spirit