“Being an Intentional Influence”>8-15-09

The audio on this posting is a bit rough around the edges. There is nothing wrong with your computer, the problem was on our end.

Dan Marcello starts his sermon telling us about his “Godly Dad” and the great influence his Dad had on him. //YOU are an influence on someone right now!!//Genesis Chapters 12 thru 25 show how Abraham had a life of events where he trusted God with great faith which served as an influence on everyone.//Genesis 15:4-5, where Abraham got a son even tho they were way past child bearing years, and then how Abraham’s great faith was tested to sacrifice his son.//Hebrews 11: Examples of faith.//Romans 4, the faith of Abraham, and he was not without fault.//Genesis 20: Abraham introduces his wife as his sister out of fear, and in Genesis 26 Issac does the same thing.//Psalm 105: Seek His face always and pray to be a better influence.//No selfish excuses, encourage one another, we are not alone.//