Braving Church with your Baby

At Bloomingdale Church, there is a safe & welcoming nursery for children 0 through 3 years old and it’s available during every weekend worship hour (Sat 5:30pm, Sun 8:30am & Sun 11am) and during the Sunday School hour (9:45am) as well.
We know that parents may like to have their baby along with them during the worship hour. For that reason, we offer a glassed infant room at the back of the sanctuary. Another option is the Children’s Theatre Room, an alternate viewing area for young families which is located just across the hall from the nursery on the lower level.

Here are some tips for braving church with your baby:

  • Baby noises are cute and endearing. Just ask any of the grandmas around church. So relax… It’s ok when they make a little noise.
  • We encourage a few quiet toys! Not handheld devices or noise-making toys (unless they can be played along with the worship music!). But give the young one something to hold onto!
  • Sometimes a baby just needs to get his/her wiggles out. Wiggles are welcome.
  • Please check out our staffed nursery. Give it a try. You may find that it’s fulfilling for your child and that it also affords you some sacred rest too. There’s also the Children’s Theater Room, an alternate worship space for families.

Sanctuary Infant Room Etiquette:

  • Go ahead and participate in worship! It’s not a penalty box! Let everyone in there hear your joyful noises.
  • Let that child make some noise if need be. The room has some extra sound proofing for a reason.
  • Swap kid stories with your infant room mates. Chances are, you’ll meet a friend.