Can I Be Your Friend?

Article by Morgan Lang, Children’s Ministry Director

My son and I were playing at Sunnyside Park in Bloomingdale, when he, being the extroverted four-year-old that is, introduced himself to a group of kids, enthusiastically asking, “Can I be your friend?” Amazed with him and his courage, my heart melted a little bit. He is constantly looking to make new friends and when he is sometimes met with a “no,” my mama heart breaks for him. Most of the time, he’ll shrug it off because he doesn’t have the fear of rejection that I do.

Most people consider themselves to be a model for their children but I often find myself longing to be like my son: to have the boldness to ask someone new to be my friend, to shrug off rejection, to see everyone I meet as my newest friend. Because as we get older, we don’t ask; fear of rejection settles in and we retreat, unsure of who our friends are (especially if they knew the real me, flaws and all).

What I appreciate about Bloomingdale Church is that it’s a safe place for my son to ask, “Can I be your friend?” where he is always met with an emphatic, “YES!” It’s a safe place where adults and children can share in life’s challenges and be broken together, with no fear of rejection or judgment. Together, we can learn how to grow in our boldness and be comfortable being authentically us.

So if your kids are asking, “Can I be your friend?”, the answer here at Bloomingdale Church is always, “Yes!” Come be our friend at Sunday School (ages 3-4th grade) this Sunday 9:45-10:45am. (And adults, come be our friend with coffee in the Coffeehouse while the kids play and learn. Stop by and we’ll show you where to go.)