Jon B’s Story

Jon B is giving an update on the work that is being done in Honduras.

Kalie B & Maddy M’s Story

Kalie B. and Maddy M. share their testimonies with us on the “Life” conference and future international work.

Story > Lisa N. > Mission update > February 10, 2013

Lisa N. shares her mission update with us from Mali.    ….    Note: You may have to click the “read more” button below to reveal the message outline and audio links   ….   The mission project at the children’s hospital has been put on hold and missionaries evacuated because of the political turmoil there. Lisa leaves again for Asia / Cambodia / Senegal this coming Monday. We all love her and wish her God’s protection.

Lisa N. > Missions Update > September 8+9 , 2012

Lisa N. shares her mission update from Koutiala, Mali.   …   Please note: You may have to click on the “Read More” button below to reveal the audio link.   …   Lisa has been in Gabon, Ethiopia, and now is in Koutiala, Mali. She shares her experiences in the children’s hospital, and is grateful that our church puts wind in the sails of missionaries!  She is a blessing to us all and to all she serves!!

Jon B. > Missions Update > September 1+2 , 2012

Jon B. shares with us his testimony and missions update from  Honduras.    ….    Note: You may have to click on the “read more” button below to reveal the audio link .    ….    Jon’s story started here at Bloomingdale church, where Jon says ” God rescued me from myself”. His ministry in Honduras is called  “Ranch Oasis for Youth” and focuses on discipleship, and what it means to walk with Jesus on a daily basis.

Maddy M. > 6-23+24-12 > Story > Mission update >

Maddy M. shares her testimony with us with her mission update from Rwanda, Africa. Maddy started a year ago in Rwanda teaching kids with special needs about the loving salvation of Jesus Christ. Her experience shows how God leads, God helps, God fulfills dreams, and how God is faithful!

Note: you may have to click on the “read more” button below to reveal the audio link.

Mark and Kora T. > Missions Update > 5-19+20-12

Mark and Kora T. share with us, via the internet, an update on their mission in Uruguay, South America. They have started a youth group with kids who do not come from Christian homes. Kora is teaching English both at school and at home. Baby Lucia is doing fine! They are going to Spain this summer to see an evangelistic English Camp. It was great to hear from them!

You may have to click on the “read more” button below to reveal the audio link.

Jon B. > Missions update > 10-15+16-11

Jon B. shares his testimony updating us on the mission program in Honduras.

The Sovereignty of God: Mark T (with Elizabeth Z)

Mark T, 20.something pastor at Bloomingdale Church shares his story of understanding God’s control and provision in his life.
Elizabeth Z joins him to sing, “Take My Life.”