Samuel F’s Story

Samuel F of Berkeley shares his story.

Michael F’s Story

Michael F of Bloomingdale shares his story.

“We accomplished so much this week and learned a lot that I will be able to take with me for the rest of my life.” (Jeremy P. — 2017 Lake Park High School Graduate)

While Jeremy pointed out the high level of activity, this week was evidently meaning full for each one of our students, the community members of Peace of Christ Church, welcomed us warmly and served us too. From housing our team and providing dinner for us every night, each day a member of the community would come lead our group in a discussion based on the 7 practices at the core of their church.

“I’m thankful for the Westmont community and I am sad that we’re leaving because we’ve made relationships with a lot of the people we met this week.” (Heather M.– 2017 Lake Park High School Graduate)

Ismaël C’s Story

This is Ismaël C from Carol Stream, coaching at Lake Park High School, sharing his story.

Baptism Testimonies – Easter 2017

On Easter Sunday, fifteen people were baptized at Bloomingdale Church in a special baptism service. One of the important traditions of our church is that people give their testimony of salvation in Jesus Christ prior to being immersed in the waters. Here are some of the testimonies we heard that day.


Amy Jo S’ Story

This is Amy Jo S’ story from Addison.

Natasha M’s Story

Natasha a senior at Glenbard North High School from Carol Stream shares her story.

Jeremy H’s Story

Jeremy H a freshman at Lake Park High School, from Bloomingdale, shares his story.

Steve G’s Story

Steve G from Roselle shares his story.

Rick P’s Story

Rick P from Bloomingdale shares his story.