The Whole City Celebrates (Course)

Sundays in June, 10:30-11:30am – Common Grounds room at Bloomingdale Church

“This (course) helped me understand how each person’s unique talents contribute to the success of the whole community. I would definitely recommend this (course) to others, as the perspectives from each speaker were valuable lessons in how we can better serve our community by figuring out what we are best at and then using those skills to help others.”

Whole City Celebrates Course participant

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Drawing from the helpfulness of the 7-week virtual version, the Whole City Celebrates Course continues for 4 weeks in-person at Bloomingdale Church.

The format of the course prioritizes conversation and new discoveries. Participants are encouraged to check-in to share new awareness and actions taken. A guest practitioner will speak on a topic followed by a facilitated discussion. In this mastermind course we seek to explore two questions: 1) What felt need in my city has God invited me to meet? 2) What does God-designed success look like?

God’s plan has always been to restore hope. He chooses to deliver hope through us. God strategically placed you in this community, in your workplace, in your family, and with your friends. You have influence. You have talents and passions. And when you align your God-inspired impact toward your city … “the whole city celebrates.” (Proverbs 11:10)

Guest Practitioners

  • June 6 – Jeanette W: Advocacy Through Board Participation and Community Engagement
  • June 13 – Ray A: Meeting People and Felt Needs in Small Business, Social Media, Recovery Groups, and More
  • June 20 – Therese Z & Daniel R: The Un-Separation of Church & School
  • June 27 – A Worker in North Africa: Making Meaningful Connections Across Cultures

Past Guest Practitioners have included:

  • Judi W – How the food pantry helps us see the uniqueness and value of every person
  • Mark & Kora T – Developing people without a position, property, or platform
  • Dave L – Managing projects and driving outcomes i.e. “keeping the plate spinning” and “sinking the putt”
  • Joe & Brittany – Why and how we changed jobs so that we could serve others using our skills and passions
  • Jason T – A small business owner’s perspective on building a team to accomplish a vision
  • Sean Mitchell – Serving along the way as a high school pool technician, father, and neighbor


“A safe place to share.

“I love hearing how others are incorporating & listening to God in their everyday lives & trying to figure out how I can apply those nuggets of wisdom in my daily life.”

“Being able to hear various perspectives on how people use their unique skills to better the community. The Q&A is very helpful as well, I felt it let the speak expand on the topics they discussed and provide more insight into how they serve the community.”

Whole City Celebrates Course participants

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