Championing Strengths: Becoming and Helping Others to Be Our Best Design (January 2020)

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Value Proposition & Outcomes

Gain greater awareness of your strengths and intentionality to help others engage their strengths. Outcomes:

  1. Affirming God’s intelligent design of every individual
  2. Learning coaching presence and strengths framework
  3. Exploring 34 CliftonStrengths themes
  4. Growing confidence as a Strengths Champion

Each individual who completes the course will receive a 50-minute coaching session on their signature CliftonStrengths with Daniel Riemenschneider. (Course is facilitated by Daniel Riemenschneider)

Sundays 8-9pm (January 5, 12, 19, 26) via Zoom virtual classroom

  • Pre-class: Attendees can sign in to class up to 15 minutes early
    • Ensure that your technology is set up properly
    • Engagement question
    • Interact with others
  • Welcome/Devotional
  • Teaching Content: Strengths/Coaching Frameworks
    • Strengths history/strengths framework
    • Talent cues/strengths language
    • Coaching presence 
  • Exploring CliftonStrengths themes
    • Explore 3-5 strengths themes together each week – themes selected via voting
  • Practice coaching
    • Zoom enables participants to break out into diads or triads to practice coaching each other
    • Class will typically conclude with practice coaching

Virtual Classroom Logistics

  • Each attendee will sign-in using Zoom meeting link: 
    • Attendees can sign in to class up to 15 minutes early (check technology / interact with others)
    • Class can be viewed via computer, tablet, laptop, or phone
    • Headphones and a quiet space are encouraged

Course Participation*

This mastermind course is designed specifically for individuals who live in the extended Bloomingdale (IL) community or attend Bloomingdale Church

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