Checking-In & Checking-Out at Day Camp

You want your children safe.   So do we.  Bloomingdale Church does everything possible to prioritize the safety of kids, while making your check-in and check-out as efficient as possible.

Checking In
Every child must be checked-in by an adult between 9-9:35am. Adult will receive matching security tag.

Adults Welcome Too
After you check-in your child, stop by the “Guest Hospitality” tent for a free cup of coffee.  You (and your younger children) are also invited to watch the Opening Session (Tuesday – Thursday, 9:45am; Friday, 11:50am).

Checking Out
Please join us inside the church sanctuary for our daily closing session at 12:30. At 12:45pm, instructions will be given for you to meet your child(ren) and their grade leader.

For your child’s safety, an adult with the child’s matching security label must pick up as follows:

  1. Grade leader collects matching security label.  (Security label photo sent via smart phone accepted too)
  2. Child exits with adult.

If security label is misplaced or a different designated adult is picking up, please stop by the Day Camp office to receive security label:

  1. Display your driver’s license/ID.
  2. Adult’s name must appear as parent, emergency contact, or designated adult (at check-in).

During Camp
Our “Day Camp Office” is located in the check-in area. You can also contact the church office at 630.894.0090.  If you need to check-out a child before 12:30, an official Day Camp worker will assist you.

Day Camp Workers

  • Are safe people and have regularly attended Bloomingdale Church for at least six months
  • Complete an annual application and attend training
  • Pass background and reference checks and have pastoral staff affirmation