The COACH Training One-Day Workshop

I meet with a lot of people.

I help people move forward by leading groups / cohorts / meetings.

I am a content facilitator.

If you are a leader in any organization you can probably relate to any of the above. Much of what we do is enhanced by our facilitation skills. Oh and then there is getting adult learning theory right i.e. content that actually sticks and transforms.

Learning and practicing coaching skills can significantly help you – as you meet with people, lead groups, and facilitate content. Coaching is not a new program or another thing to add to your already busy schedule. Coaching is an approach to interacting.

The COACH Training One-Day is a workshop designed for leaders. It is short enough to do it in a day (7 hours + breaks) and significant enough that you will gain confidence in implementing the framework into everyday life. 

This workshop is very practical and interactive, with lots of skills practice built in. Topic and skills covered in this practical and interactive workshop include:

  • How to listen actively so others feel you understand them
  • How to ask powerful questions that initiate a change of thinking
  • How to generate feedback that avoids defensiveness
  • How to design action steps that will actually be accomplished
  • How to follow-up to increase learning and accountability

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Thursday September 16, 2021 – Filled

@ Hope Center (upper level boardroom) on campus of Bloomingdale Church – 260 Glen Ellyn Road, Bloomingdale

Facilitated by Daniel Riemenschneider

Daniel is an Associate Certified Coach (ACC), the international gold-standard certification for professional coaching. He is also an IPSAT Certified Coach (Identity Profile Self Awareness Tool). Daniel pulls from his master’s degrees in both counseling and educational programming, and from his experience in student and adult learning environments, program management, and organizational development. Daniel is the Administrative Pastor at Bloomingdale Church. Daniel’s calling is to create opportunities for individuals and teams to move into the spaces in which they were designed. 

Professional-Level Training

 This course adheres to International Coaching Federation (ICF) core coaching competencies standards. The COACH Training Workshop is offered in partnership with …

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