Community Update – BCYouth

Hey BC Youth Family!

We have been praying for you all in the past few weeks, and we will continue to do so! The Youth Staff wanted to remind you about what we’re doing to minister to our teens in the midst of this pandemic, to encourage parents as they disciple them at home, and also to point to some ways that they can still experience community.

We’ve created a YouTube Channel where we’re posting videos with content for SMYG. Many parents have asked what we talk about in SMYG, so we’re encouraged them to watch these with their teens! We’re also providing discussion questions/resources for the lessons in a shared Google Drive folder.

We’re posting content daily on the bcyouth264 and 264coffeehouse Instagram pages (devotional thoughts and encouraging Bible verse). We’ve invited parents to create an Instagram account so that they can monitor/protect their teens, while also sharing our posts with them! Some have already done this and engaged with us on this platform.

We are doing a livestream Q&A time on Instagram from 7-8 pm on Fridays (from the 264coffeehouse Instagram page). The best way to access this is from the Instagram app on a smartphone. The “home” page has icons at the top, and when we are “live,” the 264coffeehouse icon will have a red rectangle that says “live.”  We are using this live stream to engage with our teens in a fun and faith-focused way!

Daniel Riemenschneider and Chelsea are moving forward with the Youth Development (YoDev) class. We have been having individual coaching/discipleship conversations with each teen between meetings. We did our first Zoom meeting Monday, Mar 30 from 2-3:30pm, and we will meet every other Monday (resources found in Google Drive folder).

We’re also inviting our teens and parents to participate in the daily livestream that Dan Marcello and Scott Reed do on Facebook; and we’re encouraging you all to watch the service online each weekend.

As always, we are reaching out to students personally via text, email, phone call, and video chat in order to build relationships and encourage them in their walk with Jesus. And we are working on other creative ways to connect with them and to facilitate community. Updates to come!

If you have any questions, please reach out. We are here for you!

We’re better together,
Chelsea Reinhold & Daniel Wright