Creating Connection & Community – BCYouth

Hi BCYouth Fam!

As promised, we are providing you with real-time updates about what we’re doing to help foster community in a time of quarantine and social isolation! 

  • We will be hosting a weekly Zoom chat on Monday nights from 7-8 pm where we will discuss the SMYG video from the previous day (email or for the code). It is our hope that parents and students will discuss together on Sundays the questions we’ll provide here, so that we can have an even richer conversation together on Monday.
  • Chelsea will be hosting a time for connection and community each Tuesday evening from 7-8 pm for our female teens (she’s calling it “Young Women’s Break”) via Zoom (email for the code). This will be a chance to check in with each other, see familiar faces, and support each other in prayer.
  • DW will be hosting a similar gathering for our male teens on Wednesdays from 7-8pm (email

We’re also inviting you and your families to “join” us on a prayer walk Friday, April 10th from 1-2 pm. We will lift up our communities in prayer – for healing, for salvation, etc – as we walk around our neighborhoods (weather permitting). Our hope is that this will be a chance for us to serve and care for our communities in an eternally significant way.  Together, we are the Church, and our mission is to reach the lost for Jesus! If you and your families commit to doing this, we would love to know who will be participating and to hear back about your experiences.

We are here for you, we love you all, and we are praying for you!

We’re Better Together,
Chelsea & Daniel