Creatives Who Collaborate (in a Church)

By Daniel Riem on September 20, 2016

It quite possibly might have only worked because it was within the scope of a church.

I’m talking about the recently completed “Portico Entrance Hallway Project.”

Over a year ago, the Creative Collective group began developing ideas to redesign the hallway space.  As we gathered month-to-month, we began to realize an important value of our church: we love pictures of people. We are a “people church,” after all.  How we would go about designing this, however, took a lot of collaboration.

Our finalized project is five 36″x36″ plexiglass frames.  Each frame highlights one of our five mission statement themes: Worship, Praying, Learning, Caring, Outreaching. It features a large-format “hero” shot and three mid-sized photos.  (We are excited about how easy it will be to trade in new photos.)

While we are really glad this project is finally completed, we are grateful for the friendship and work we got to do together. The team included: Marsha B, Dorene B, Keir C, Lou & Louie G, Bill & Denise M, Daniel R, Connie S, Kevin & Toshiba T, Jason T, Vince T, David V, Adrian W.

Do you enjoy creative things like photography, graphic design, film, coding, and interior design? You may enjoy joining our collective of creatives.  Please email to share your interest.