Youth DEEP Team

“For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” Ephesians 2:10

Our Passion

We believe what Scripture says. God made you uniquely for his purposes. Every aspect of how He has designed you is intentional, and we want to help you go DEEP in understanding this truth. You’ll Discover your unique giftedness set. You’ll Engage with your design, discussing what you’re learning with others. You’ll Experiment with living into your design. And you’ll be encouraged along the way as we Partner together in pursuit of God’s purposes for your life. We believe that as you gain awareness of your design – through thinking about it, talking about it, experimenting with it, and being affirmed by others – you will begin to experience more fruit and fulfillment in your life. As a Christ-follower, you are an integral part of His Body, the Church, now. He has designed each person uniquely on purpose, and we need each other. God has good works for you to do, are you ready to explore what they are?

Let’s go DEEP together.

Our Mission

If you participate in the DEEP Team you can expect these outcomes: You will expand your understanding of how God uniquely designed you, and you will begin to be actively engaged in living it out to God’s purposes and glory.

  • You will be able to articulate your God-given giftedness set*
  • You will experiment and learn from using your giftedness set
  • You will be affirmed by a mentor in the use of your giftedness set

*Giftedness set = the parts of your design that God has given to you – your personality, strengths, and gifts

Commitment & Expectations

By applying to be a part of this team, you are committing to being an active participant in the following ways:

  1. Complete the application by Jan 16 (including the assessments and discovery questions)
  2. Attend the service project on Jan 16 – 6-8pm (fundraiser for the retreat)
  3. Come on the retreat: Feb 25-27 (DEEP Team participants only – $50)
  4. Attend & participate in your assigned coaching group (including journaling and/or engaging with the materials between meetings via a provided form & questions)


  • Jan 16 – Application Due
  • Jan 16 – Serving Fundraiser (6-8pm)
  • Feb 25-27 – DEEP Team Retreat
  • Mar 20 – Coaching Groups (1-2:30)
  • Apr 3 – Coaching Groups (12-1:30)
  • Apr 24 – Coaching Groups (1-2:30)
  • May 15 – Coaching Groups (12-1:30)
  • Jun 5 – Coaching Groups (12-1:30)
  • Jun 26 – Coaching Groups (12-1:30)


I've already started/completed the IPSAT course; is this the same thing?

Though there is overlap in the assessment that we'll be doing, this team is different from the IPSAT course in a few key ways:

  1. Emphasis will be on the elements of your design that are innate (given to you by God)
  2. We will meet in coaching groups at regular intervals
  3. This team will encourage you to take what you're learning and put it into practice

I've already completed the assessments that team members will do, so will I have to retake these assessments?

No, you will not be required to retake the assessments. However, for the assessments that are available at no cost, you are welcome/encouraged to retake for your own refreshment (and sometimes results shift over time).

I already know about existing scheduling conflicts (with the commitment schedule) – does that mean I can't be a part of the DEEP Team?

Not necessarily. You will need to speak directly with Chelsea R about these conflicts by Jan 16 – together you will decide if these conflicts will prevent you from getting the most out of joining us team.

Is this group open to anyone?

At this time, we are offering this opportunity to students in grades 7-12.

264 Glen Ellyn Rd. Bloomingdale, IL 60108