DuJardin Students Share the Love

By Morgan L on January 3, 2018

Each year, the kids who attend our Crossroads Kids Club at DuJardin Elementary help the homeless by putting together “Share the Love” bags. These bags are decorated by the kids and filled with helpful items like hats, deodorant, soap, and toothpaste. They are given to those who come to the Albany Park Soup Kitchen. The items used to stuff the bags were donated by the students and their families.

The kids decorated, filled, and prayed over the bags that will go to those in need this holiday season. While discussing why we were doing this activity, the kids recognized the importance of sharing happiness with others who may not feel loved all the time. In creating these bags, the students want to remind the recipients that they are loved, always.


We put lots of goodies into the bags
that will go to Albany Park

Decorating bags for the homeless.
This student wrote, “God loves you always.”