Celebrate Teen Investment

By Nate Kugel on July 11, 2017

Our goal is always to surround each student with five adults who invest intentional time with each student. That’s what we mean by our ministry’s pursuit of “5:1.” We do this through many different ways, including encouraging consistent parent interactions, mentors, Coffeehouse leaders, and discipleship events (i.e. Sunday Morning Youth Group and Small Groups).

To foster any relationship to a point of friendship, it takes time. Our ministry volunteers invest a lot of time in the teenagers to get to a point of trust with our students. We want to celebrate that sacrifice of time because sometimes, it can feel hard and thankless.

We are inviting everyone who is mentoring a teenager or is involved in serving the Youth Group in any one of our weekly ministry events to come to a free lunch (after the 11am service) catered by Pronto’s. We also have some fun activities in store for you.

Sun Jul 23, noon-2pm – Coffeehouse

Questions? Contact Nate Kugel at

Day Camp 2017 – Friday

“Is it really the last day of Day Camp?” 

Proud parents streamed in and witnessed much of what their children learned at the closing program. They saw their children recite the Bible verses they learned, and sing their favorite song from camp.

Every child was able to walk through themed park days with dramas, songs, crafts, and lessons teaching that God is our King, our friend, and has uniquely created each of us. The good news about Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection was shared during today’s closing session, such as in the closing song, “Lord I lift your Name on High.”

“Can I come back?”

While Day Camp may be over, you can continue building upon all that your children have learned and friendships they’ve made! You can join Bloomingdale Church for one of its many weekend gatherings, children’s programs, or practical adult groups. We hope you experienced God’s love in tangible ways this week, and we’ll see you soon!

Friday’s Program

Day Camp 2017 – Thursday

Welcome to our third day of Day Camp 2017, “Friendship National Park”! This time, let’s see today’s activities through the eyes of Lindsey, a kindergartner.

“Do you remember your verse for today, Lindsey?” She replies, word perfect, with John 3:16: “For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should have eternal life.” So starts Lindsey’s day in her classroom, the “Raccoon Lodge.” In reality, this whole week has reflected that truth! Speaking of reflections, during today’s opening session, “Mirror Lake,” Lindsey learned how she was lovingly created by God, and has a special purpose for her life. She learned that her image is uniquely reflected back to her when she looks in a lake, like a mirror. She laughed when saw a S’more arguing with itself–how silly! The chocolate, graham cracker, and marshmallow are all needed for a delicious treat! And so are all God’s children uniquely made in his image, able to help others in all kinds of special ways. After craft time, games, and snacks, she recited John 3:16 once more to her teacher before she left. She loves that verse and can’t wait to come back tomorrow. It’s hard to believe that there’s only one more day left–we hope that it’s amazing!

Day Camp 2017 – Wednesday

By Stuart G on June 14, 2017

Let’s join Max, a 3rd grader, who has returned to “Friendship National Park” for another day of adventures: this time to “Tadpole and Caterpillar Marsh!”

First, Max saw all of his new friends again in his classroom, “Squirrel Hollow.” He learned about teamwork with his fellow hikers, and has continued memorizing verses from the Bible like Nehemiah 9:17 and John 3:16 about God’s grace, compassion, and forgiveness–and he did a very good job! During today’s opening program, he sang and danced to a new song, “The Big Oak Tree.” He saw characters like Mario, Luigi, Bowser, and Princess Peach learning how to be good friends by forgiving each other. He even got to see how Jesus is our best friend because he makes it possible to receive God’s forgiveness and have a relationship with Him. He designed a glass frame with eye-dazzling colors for his craft, and played water games where everyone got soaked. Fortunately, Max was able to wind down in Squirrel Hollow with his friends afterwards because he was so tired from all the exciting activities. When his mom came to pick him up, he said, “I can’t wait until we go to ‘Mirror Lake’ tomorrow!”

Take Home
Your child received a take home that they can complete and bring back for points.  Just in case it did not make it home, click to open Wednesday’s Take Home.

Wednesday’s Program

Youth Alpha Highlights

By Danny Muñoz on June 14, 2017

Youth Alpha is a unique time for Friday Night Coffeehouse. There is a party each week with food, games, laughter, and music. Alpha is also a place where students may freely explore questions of life and faith in a non-judgmental way.


  • 60-75 in attendance each week
  • Bubbleball battles
  • Free Youth Alpha t-shirt for all who attend
  • Meaningful table discussions
  • 16 new guests since March 10
  • Students exploring faith in Jesus

A Cool Story

As we enter week 5 of 10, here is a cool story that embodies what Friday Night Coffeehouse and Youth Alpha are all about.

Omar Z, a sophomore from Glenbard East HS in Lombard, visited us for the first time on March 10 and has not missed a Friday yet. When I asked him why he attends, his answer was, “I feel like I belong here. People talk to me and have been really open with me. They also have answered my questions about faith. Volunteers have had conversations with me and I can tell they care. Other students had talks with me too, even though I was a stranger to them. I used to be depressed and hurt, but ever since I gave my life to Jesus, I have seen how His people can be loving and kind – like He is.”

We hope to have more stories of students like Omar. Stories of students transformed not only by our living God but by the love and fellowship offered by the church community.

Join us for Youth Alpha @ Coffeehouse on Friday nights from 6:30-11:00p (High School) and 6:30-9:30p (JR High).


Who is Youth Alpha for?
Short answer: Everyone.

As a Youth Ministry, we have identified three target audiences of people who come to Youth Alpha. 1) Students who only attend Coffeehouse. 2) Friends of students who are not connected to the Youth Group. 3) Students who are active attenders of Bloomingdale Church.

The bottom line: All students, regardless of background, are welcome to participate. We hope that students will come, bring their friends, be connected to the youth group, and engage with the topics of Youth Alpha.