Come to the Manger [Advent 2017]


During Advent 2017, we turn to the narrative of Jesus’ birth in Matthew 1:21-24, to rediscover some practical lessons that will help us experience the holidays with joy and hope.


What was the DiscipleNow Youth Retreat like?

By Nate Kugel on November 18, 2017

I figure, that’s probably why students get on such high spiritual highs when they go on retreats and missions trips, because while they are there they encountered Jesus… but then they get home and their phones and video games consume them…”  – Aaron L (weekend speaker)

What would happen if we took the commands of Jesus seriously, y’all…? I mean praying like we really believed something would happen. It would change the world… change the world.
– Roxanne E (weekend speaker)

These were some of the many challenges that our students were given over the weekend of DiscipleNow. Our speakers focused on 5 core practices of the Christian faith: kingdom focused prayer, proclaiming the gospel, being with the ‘least of these’, reconciliation, and being mutually submitted to each other.  Students also played a brand new game called 9-Square (similar to the classic 4-square), served the church through cleaning projects, and worshiped with other Alliance Youth Groups at CRASH 2017. 

DiscipleNow is our annual in-house retreat where students stay at church member’s homes together, discuss faith topics, and hear from guest speakers–all while playing crazy games and having good food.

If you or your student missed out on DiscipleNow 2017, our youth group has upcoming events for them to get involved in. (i.e. Winter Camp and our weekly Friday Night Coffeehouse)

Email: for more information on all things 7-12th grade at Bloomingdale Church.

A DuJardin Student is Dedicated

By Morgan L on November 17, 2017

Remy H., a student we met through Crossroads Kids Club at DuJardin Elementary School, was dedicated at Bloomingdale Church on October 29, 2017.  After attending Crossroads and receiving a Bible, Remy asked if he could go through the child dedication process.  We are so thankful that he had the desire to acknowledge God’s love for him.  Remy’s parents, godparents, and our church family committed to praying for him as he continues to grow in his faith and knowledge of Jesus Christ.

What is Child Dedication?
When we dedicate children, we celebrate the life of the child and ask the parents and the church body to raise up the child to know God. It’s a community covenant to one another. At Bloomingdale Church, we dedicate children of any age.

Learn more about child dedication at Bloomingdale Church.

Meet Our Worship Director, Scott Reed

By Scott Reed on November 17, 2017

Where did you grow up?
Hanover, MA (about 30 minutes south of Boston)

Where did you go to school?
I graduated from Wheaton College in December with a degree in Music with elective studies in Theater.

Do you have any siblings?
Two sisters: one older, one younger

What are five of your favorite songs?
This is actually a really difficult question for me! But I’ll do my best:

  1. Pieces by Icon for Hire
  2. Someone Like You from Jekyll and Hyde, the Musical
  3. Sound of Silence as performed by Disturbed
  4. Daft Punk by Pentatonix
  5. Home to Stay as performed by Josh Groban

What is a book that you’ve read recently that really challenged, inspired, or encouraged you?
God’s Smuggler by Brother Andrew. In fact, reading that book is one of the reasons I’m at Bloomingdale Church today. I would strongly recommend it.

What is your favorite movie(s)?
Easily The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. I love everything about them, especially the soundtrack and the prop/set design.

What is your favorite book of the Bible?
Ephesians. I was reading through the New Testament earlier this year, and when I got to Ephesians I read it through in one sitting and then read it again several days in a row. One of my favorite things about it is how Paul describes God’s love in Ephesians 3.

Would you describe your love for dogs as “at times embarrassingly enthusiastic?”
Yes, yes I would.

Do you know your Myers-Briggs personality type?
I do. I’m an INTJ.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever done?
Certainly one of the strangest things I’ve ever done would be carrying an adult-sized rocking horse down the street while wearing a blazer and tie.

Who is someone that you greatly admire?
My great-grandfather, George Bennett. He lived such a full, incredible life of faith. He committed everything he did to the Lord and he strove to do it with excellence.

Child Predators: How to Spot Them, How to Stop Them

By Daniel Riem on November 7, 2017

Register for free Jan 27 seminar  >>

There are 60 million adult survivors of child sexual abuse in the United States today. One in four women and one in six men were sexually abused before they turned 18. Most never tell, and the problem is getting worse. Our society has become wildly sexualized, and the more sexualized the environment, the more dangerous it is for our children.

We need to do something about this. We have to stop the abuse before it happens.

A community-oriented organization – Bloomingdale Church’s mission is to be a safe and welcoming place, both in our programs and as a positive imprint in our community.

In an ongoing effort to care for and protect our children and teens, Bloomingdale Church has partnered with Truth Alliance Foundation to offer a free seminar to our community entitled: “Child Predators: How to Spot Them, How to Stop Them.” 

Saturday, January 27 – Bloomingdale Church
8:30am – Hot, fresh breakfast
9-10:30am – Seminar (childcare available)

Please Register Here >>

Why offer a seminar?
When enough people become informed, they can carry the message to the rest of their community through the PTA, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, the Park District programs, and so on. Additionally, the informed can begin to recognize the predators and take the steps necessary keep them away from our children. They can begin to identify the signs of abuse and take action to stop it.

Who is the speaker?
Tom Hampson has an extensive law enforcement background including 45+ years as an investigator, directing sexual predator investigations in 20+ countries, co-authored Illinois laws for child protection and developed a model for prosecution of sexual predators. Tom’s current focus is educating groups how to spot and keep sexual predators out of their organizations.