If you’ve ever driven on Glen Ellyn Road on a Wednesday evening, you may have noticed a lot of activity at Bloomingdale Church. From September-April, many people from the community enjoy adult and kid programming that prioritizes supporting you and your family.

A safe and welcoming club for kids

At Awana Club, kids (age 2 – 6th grade) enjoy fun with friends, playing organized gym games, singing, learning values, and earning awards.  Kids participate in age-specific groups: Puggles (age 2), Cubbies (ages 3-5), Sparks (K-1st-2nd), T&T (3rd-4th), or PAK (5th-6th). Kids are safely checked in and out. Dedicated volunteers invest in each child. Club shirt, book, bag, and awards included with $25 supplies fee.


Practical “Video-and-Conversation” courses

We offer adults practical video-and-conversation courses during Awana, beginning with a free meal that you can enjoy as a family.*
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The Alpha Course
is a place to explore faith, ask questions, and share your point of view. (Meal begins at 6:15 and concludes at 8pm)

Financial Peace U offers helpful teaching to gain financial freedom. (6:15-8pm)

The Pre-Marriage & Marriage Course is a date night for couples to invest in their relationship. (6:15-8pm)

Divorce Care offers support for those struggling with divorce or separation. (6:30-8pm)

Gather  is a group community including friendship and teaching (2nd/4th Wednesdays, 6:45-8pm)


*To accommodate families attending the family meal or parents attending a course: 1) Children can be checked-in starting at 6:10pm 2) Puggles & Cubbies (ages 0 – 5) may enter their classroom starting at 6:25pm 3) Sparks, T&T, and PAK (K-6th grade) can participate in a supervised open gym starting at 6:25pm.

Awana Kids Serving the Community – Fall Food Drive

By Morgan L on November 6, 2017

Each year, we hold the Awana Food Drive to restock the food pantry we have onsite to help people in need.  It’s a practical way to help kids learn what it means to give and serve others. Jesus modeled servant leadership and we hope that this event will encourage even the youngest Awana members to consider the needs of others.

Clubbers received (Nov 1) a plastic bag to fill with non-perishable food items and return the bag to Awana the following week (Nov 8). The church Deacons Team collect the bags and restocks the food pantry with the items for people in our community.

What is Alpha Gather?

By Nate Kugel on November 6, 2017

Alpha Gather is a community group meeting on Wednesday Nights that prioritizes friendship, prayer, and bible-based discussions.

Every healthy family or friendship prioritizes time, in-person to be together. At Alpha Gather we see each person as a part of a faith family, so we seek to create that atmosphere together. We eat together, pray for each other, and discuss around a large table what God’s Word has to say about our lives.

As an open group, we want to welcome you too. One might say, “Well that sounds great if your a people person, but what about a smaller group of people.? This is why we meet every other week, filling the off weeks with break-out smaller groups. All of our break-out groups meet on the church campus as well and are specifically timed to provide childcare through the church’s Awana program.

Group updates are shared by text or through our Alpha Gather Facebook Page.

For questions related to Alpha Gather read our Frequently Asked Questions below or email Pastor Nate –


The Free Wedding that Brought Me to Tears

By Bill Calvin on October 30, 2017

The average wedding in suburban Chicago is $33,391 according to The Knot. It’s no wonder the number one reason people give me for why they have not gotten married is simply: “We haven’t been able to save enough money.”

Last May I was involved in the most beautiful wedding. The bride looked as dazzling as a movie star. Her friends and family were all smiles as they saw how sharp her boys and stepdaughter were dressed. The groom looked like he stepped off the cover of GQ magazine as he watched his bride come down the long center aisle of the church on her beaming father’s arm.

It did not take long before the ceremony was underway. When it came time to exchange rings, many people, including myself, were in tears. This couple could not afford to buy wedding rings so a friend of the family said, “You can have the rings my father and mother left me. I had them soldered together but I will get them separated and burnished at the jeweler.” There was so much love in the sanctuary during the ring ceremony, no wonder there were so many tears of joy.

At the conclusion of the wedding, the bride and groom exited to Al Green’s “I’m Still in Love with You,” and walked into the church’s reception hall which had been decorated by family and friends.

They cut a beautiful three-tiered wedding cake that had been baked and decorated by a terrific baker in our church. We also ate other goodies prepared by people from the church. In the words of Brandon and Kiara:  “God is who brought us together, even through the stormy weather. We know the devil is clever, but we know that God is way better.”

Our church wants to do more free weddings. Go to for more information about weddings at our church.

Awana Bible Memorization Ideas

By Daniel Riem on October 22, 2017

A foundational aspect of Awana Club is to learn and apply God’s Word to life!

We’ve collected a list of ideas for helping children memorize the Bible:

  • Ask them to say the verses twice and ask them what the verse means
  • Ask them to read the verse to themselves 3 times before they practice with you
  • Sometimes it helps to sing the song or make up hand motions
  • Try breaking the verse into segments while memorizing
  • Write out the verse
  • Ask them to keep repeating it
  • Use 3×5 index cards and write a word or two on each card and then lay the verse out on the table word side up. Cards are flipped over to hide a word one card at a time, saying the verse one or two times each time a new card is flipped. Eventually all the cards are flipped over.