“Experience God thru Extravagant and Extraordinary Giving” > 2/13+14/10

Pastor Bill Calvin continues with his third message in a series on stewardship.//  The message opens with a scene from John 12:1-8, a dinner given for Jesus at the house of Lazarus who was recently raised from the dead.//  Mary, Lasarus’ sister, anoints and washes Jesus’ feet with a bottle of perfume that is worth a years wages, and Pastor Bill goes over all the reactions to this act of extraordinary giving.//  This story opens up 3 realizations: 1.) Every earthly gift pales in comparison to Jesus’ sacrifice; 2.) All our giving should be to Jesus, and 3.) from John 11: Death reminds us of what is important in life.//  The message continues with some other examples of crazy generosity: 1Kings3; Solomon and his 1000 burnt offerings, and God appears in a dream and tells Solomon to ask for anything he wants, and he asks for wisdom.//  2Chronicles5,6,7: The crazy generosity of David to get the temple built and the extravagant giving of Solomon to have the temple dedicated, and God shows up from heaven in all His glory and consumes the offering!.//  God shows up when extraordinary giving occurs.//  It is not about giving, it is about God.//  Pastor Bill continues with 2 other examples, and a statement from Malachi 3:6-12.//  Our extraordinary gift as a church will be to give our entire offering from Feb. 20+21 to the mission of Lisa Nickey in Gabon, and the sermon ends with a message from Lisa.//