Next Steps

At Bloomingdale Church, becoming a member isn’t about joining some secret club or boosting the church’s numbers. The membership process has one primary goal: connecting you with other people so that you can make friends. Relationships with other believers are essential if we want to grow and deepen our faith in the way God intended. Therefore, working towards membership is the whole-hearted expression of the Christian life.

Step 1: Commit your life to Jesus Christ

To become a member first requires that you are a Christian, living a life marked by ongoing obedience to God and repentance from sin.

Step 2: Attend a First Base Luncheon

These free lunches are held periodically throughout the year with the purpose of helping new attendees understand the basics of Bloomingdale Church. (Contact Pastor Bill Calvin if interested)

Steps 3&4: Get involved in the life of the church

The next two steps can be completed in any of the following three ways:
  • Attend 10 weeks of an ongoing ministry group (i.e. Women’s Break, Young Couples Bible Study, Monday Night Men, etc.)
  • Attend 1 semester of a limited offering ministry group (i.e. Alpha, Financial Peace University, Adult Ed classes, etc.)
  • Serve regularly in a ministry of the church (i.e. greeter, nursery worker, worship team member, etc.)

Step 5: Become a Member at Bloomingdale Church

Once you’ve completed steps 1-4, you get to attend the Membership Dinner, and upon sharing your faith story with Shepherds/Elders, you become a full-fledged member of Bloomingdale Church!

Distinctives of Bloomingdale Church Members

  1. We are growing as disciples of Jesus.
  2. We participate consistently in one of the weekend worship gatherings.
  3. We attend the annual congregational meeting.
  4. We are active in the church and regularly serve in a ministry area.
  5. We take responsibility for the church’s financial support, giving our tithe (one-tenth) sacrificially. Every person’s financial support of the church is confidential and giving records are kept in a secure location.