“God Speaks for Himself” > 7-30+31-11

Pastor Bill Calvin delivers this weeks message in the summer series  “Why should I believe that?”  This message covers the book of Job and shows that God uses a great deal of sarcasm to make His point that mere humans cannot even understand matters such as the ways of animals, how then could we ever understand the ways of God?  God is listening to us even when we are not talking to Him. God rewards righteousness. Suffering is not meaningless. It is hard to realize that God is present during great suffering, but as Job says: ” I KNOW my redeemer lives!!” [Job 19:25-27]  Job lost everything, suffered great pain and loss beyond comprehension, but because of his righteousness, at the end of it all, Job was more prosperous than before.

This weeks TAP:  Monday, 8/1/11; Job 38 //  Tuesday, 8/2/11; Job 39 //  Wednesday 8/3/11; Job 40 //  Thursday 8/4/11; Job 41 //  Friday 8/5/11; Job 42