Graduating Seniors Banquet & Transitions

It is crazy to think that graduation is soon upon us…and a huge transition is coming for many of our teens!  The Youth Ministry and Youth Staff at Bloomingdale Church want to do whatever we can to celebrate with and support  your family and bridge each student into the next step.

Graduating Seniors Banquet
Tues May 31, 6:30-8:30pm. Honoring graduating seniors (and their families) Hosted by Youth Ministry & 18.20somethings leaders  RSVP to

The 12th Grade Banquet Dinner is a time to celebrate together with the student, their parent(s), and youth leaders and mentors. The banquet includes a catered meal, an opportunity for each student’s parent to share a word of encouragement about them and to them, and a short challenge from their leaders and mentors. The students are officially invited into the 18.20somethings group as well.

Coffeehouse BBQ
Fri Jun 10.  – The senior’s last night at Coffeehouse.

1820s on Thursdays
Every Thursday night at 7:30pm in the Common Grounds we hang out, study the Bible, listen to music, pray and hang out some more. Begins Jun 2.

From Brent Steinke 18.20somethings Director:  Hey graduating high school seniors.  We are super excited about having you join the 18.20’s community! You can look forward to hanging out with other 18.20somethings, in-depth Bible study, gaining new wisdom about life (college, relationships, careers, the future, etc), and good times! Everyone in the 18.20somethings group welcomes you!