“Hardy Faith for Hard Days” > 9-13-09

Pastor David Riemenschneider in his third sermon going thru the book of Revelation, reviews Revelation 2:8-11; the letter to the church in Smyrna.//The church did nothing wrong, in fact they did everything right, but they were suffering afflictions, poverty and persecution due to their belief in Jesus and leading a Christian life.//The factors that lead to these tribulations were the Greek world view of poly-theism, immorality, a lack of “absolutes”, and a belief that truth is relative. //There was also great Roman political pressure, an “imperial cult” that had the belief that Caesar WAS god.//The last factor was the hostile religious group, (the Jews),  that had a hate for Christ, and were playing politics.//Sometimes bad things happen to good people like the church in Smyrna, because of the result of having to live in a fallen broken world, and the fact that affliction is permitted by God to facilitate a greater good. //Pastor David also goes over some other reasons that bad things happen to good people, and why good things can happen to bad people.//He ends with some practical applications like: Do not be afraid, Be faithful, and put your hope in the Christ of Revelation.//

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