“Hell?” > 7-16+17-11

Pastor David Riemenschneider delivers this weeks message in the summer series : “Why should I believe THAT?” This message is titles “Hell?” and covers what the Bible says it is, and our response options to it. Hell is a harsh, no good place without God. It is a place of gnawing, inescapable regret, a permanent place of dire, unrelieved misery. There are many responses to this, and only ONE good option. Some responses are: “It is not fair and I am not going to believe it.”  “Hell will not be that bed. It is just a scare tactic of religion.”  “I will work out a deal with God.”  “I think there will be another chance for everyone.”  “I do not believe things will be that way, so if I believe that, it will be true.”  ” I will resolve this issue later in my life.”   NONE of these will work because there is only ONE option that works: THE GOSPEL !!!!!!!

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