“Honest To God” > 1-29+30-11

The Text: Daniel 9: 1-23

The Context: Daniel was kidnapped as a teenager from his home and was taken to Babylon to serve in the king’s court.  Daniel remained a faithful follower of the Lord, despite the pressure of the sophisticated and pagan culture of Babylon. {Babylon was later conquered by Persia. } In chapter seven and eight, God gave Daniel far-reaching prophecies of the future, reminding Daniel that He had not forgotten him or his people.  Most of Chapter 9 is Daniel’s humble prayer is which he acknowledges his people’s sins and appeals for God’s mercy.

Pastor David Riememschneider delivers this weeks message after the PAK play. This message is another in the series on the book of Daniel, “Over Us , Over All.”  Daniel openly declares himself a sinner, and his focus is on the true character of God.  Daniels requests are not based on any merit of the people, or his part, but based on God’s mercy.

This weeks TAP:

Monday 1-31-11 : Daniel 9: 1-23

Tuesday 2-1-11 : Philippians 1: 1-11

Wednesday 2-2-11 : Philippians 1 : 12-18

Thursday 2-3-11 : Philippians 1: 19-26

Friday 2-4-11 : Philippians 1: 27-30